Five ways to make effective corporate videos on a budget

If you run your own business, you will know how important marketing is to your success. Being able to get the word out to the people you want to know about you, what you do and why they should use you is essential. This will not only help to establish your brand within the sector but also provide a steady stream of hot leads and new clients. Effective marketing will also allow you to establish business to business contacts as more external companies become aware of who you are.

But what are the best ways to market your business in the modern age?

While methods like email marketing, local SEO or social media marketing are valid, video marketing is one area that many companies now put resources into. A study by the Aberdeen Group showed that video marketing generates up to 66% more hot leads each year, and a 54% increase in brand awareness. With figures like that, it is no wonder so many business owners are now using it to grow their customer base.

Clever ways to make professional videos on a budget

Of course, the issue around any kind of marketing for most entrepreneurs is money. Once you begin to get involved with serious marketing efforts, then the costs can soon start to add up. The great news in terms of video marketing is that it does not have to cost a huge amount. It is entirely possible to create corporate videos to distribute online when on a budget.

Here are some cool ways to go about it.

  • Pitch the video to your audience – in simple terms, you need to create video content that your target audience will find interesting. A great tip that costs nothing on making professional videos is to make sure your content fits your audience. This will help you get the right tone and to make a video that will hit home with the people you target. Failing to do so often results in a video that makes little sense or is inappropriate or uninteresting to the people you are trying to attract. It is also important to map out the story and structure of the video before you start to put it together. This will ensure that the content has a coherent feel that achieves what you require.
  • Use staff in the videos – unless you plan on shooting a short film that has one eye on Hollywood, do not pay for actors to appear in your video. That will just cost money and take you over budget for no real reason. Most consumers will want to see the inventor of a product or a senior management figure offering information which means no extra costs. If you feel additional bodies are needed on screen, use your staff members.
  • Do not hire expensive props, equipment or lighting – in the same vein as above, a great tip to make a corporate video without spending a lot of money is to cut back on hiring any equipment or lighting. This will just put you over budget and is not needed. Instead, use any items you already have in the office for props, and take advantage of filming in good daylight when possible.
  • Get testimonials from current customers – word of mouth advertising is like gold dust and in terms of video marketing, this means testimonials on screen from happy customers. The great thing here is that you can do this while working to a budget. Even if you have to offer them a small reward like a free item or a service then it will be worth it.

Think about using an online video making solution

In terms of the best corporate videos, it is best to use a professional-level online video making solution. These kinds of online products help to guide you through the process of making a corporate video to get amazing results quickly and with no fuss. They are also much cheaper than hiring an external video production company. You will even find some that are free to use when you first sign-up, which is even better.

Making a professional level corporate video on a budget

If you are looking at using video marketing to your advantage, then you need to have excellent content to share. While popular platforms like YouTube or Vimeo have lots of videos to view, there are not many truly good ones. By following the points above, you will not only stand out for the right reasons but also do it without spending lots.