5 of the Most Effective Promotional Products for Small Businesses

Promotional Products image 3333To stand out and catch the customer’s attention, you must promote your business. Here are some of the most effective promotional products for your small biz. Promotional means ‘related to promotions.’ The word ‘promotion’ refers to everything a company does to boost the sales of its products or services.

With millions of different ways to promote your product or business, how do you know what’s actually effective? If you’re tired of spending time and resources on promotional efforts that don’t drop the putt, it’s time for a change.

Nearly 87% of small businesses use some kind of advertising, so to simplify things, we’ve put together a list of the 5 most effective promotional products for small businesses today. Check these out…

1. Techy Gadgets

There’s a difference between handing out junkie swag and offering clients or potential users legitimate promotional products they’ll actually enjoy owning.

Tech gadgets are one of the most effective promotional products on the market for the mere reason that everyone likes owning new, useful technology. You don’t even have to be super “techy” company for this product to work well.

For example, branding a pair of Bluetooth headphones is sure to garner you more attention and appreciation than a cheap pen with your logo slapped on the side.

2. Bumper Stickers

We’ve all seen them, it’s hard to keep from staring at the bumper sticker in front of you during a red light. 

Most often you see them for companies advertising their marathon or bike race, but bumper stickers are an effective promotional tool for almost any company.

Even Apple doesn’t underestimate the power of a cool-looking sticker when it comes to their promotional efforts.

3. Custom Buttons

Politicians use them all the time during campaigns for a reason. It’s because customized, wearable buttons are a fun way to get your name out there.

Handing out an eye-catching, or artistically unique buttons at your next trade show or event is a great tool for starting conversations about your business. When people see someone wearing the button, they can’t help but look to see what it says.

You can make custom buttons here for any big event or product you want to advertise.

4. Branded Cups

Be it a coffee mug or shot glass, branded cups are a staple in the promotional product world.

Just think about it, how often do you use a coffee mug during the workweek? Not only does the owner of the cup get a nice little reminder about your business or products each time they take a sip, but their coworkers see your logo and brand every day as well.

Get creative or keep it simple with design. Either way you go, branded mugs, cups, or glasses are a powerful marketing tool everyone enjoys receiving.

5. Health Items

Think inexpensive items like lip balm, sunscreen, or lotion. These items are sure to get plenty of use and find their way into potential customer purses and pockets all over the place.

If you’re actually a fitness or health business, you may even consider going so far as to brand towels, socks, or bags for faithful users to don with your logo on them.

Most Effective Promotional Products Best Practices

At the end of the day, even the most effective promotional products can fall flat if not done with an understanding of your target audience.

Knowing who you want to reach and what their tastes and interests will be the best way to tailor your promotional products to make the biggest impact.

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