7 Highly Effective Web Design Tips in 2020

Web design is an art when done in the right way. Unfortunately, most of the people follow some particular rules and all webpages look similar. Every web design tip available on the web is not going to be the best.

Web Design Tips - 1--2003If you are a web designer, you can easily make your design unique by following some ways. Here are 7 highly effective web design tips in 2020 for anyone.

Make It Simple

While most of the websites tend to make it too much colorful in 2019, in 2020, people will focus on minimalistic design. It means you shouldn’t use too much color and graphics on a page. Instead, you should leave some white space on the page, which makes it more professional and attractive. Even using a carousel or slider is not necessary for a website.

Focus on Speed

No matter how good the UI is until the page loading speed is super-fast. It is crucial in 2020 because the giant search engine Google is already giving priority to the websites that load fast.

You can’t present a website in-front of users which takes almost 5 seconds to load. People will get annoyed and will have a bad experience. As a result, you will lose that traffic. Additionally, get in touch with professional web design services if you can’t make your website fast as this is a more technical matter.

Web Design Tips - 1-2-2003wwwScrolling is more Important than Clicking

Instead of showing a clickable icon, you should place all the information on a single page so that people scroll the full page. There are two benefits to this.

The first one is, people, spend more time on your website and tend to read more, and the second one is, it decreases the bounce rate and improves the search engine ranking position. Even you will get more clicks when the traffic is staying more on the website.

Use Visuals

Yes, this technique still important as previously. You should use different visuals so that the website doesn’t become boring. When I am saying visuals, it could be an image, video, and more. However, when using photos of a person, make it realistic. Only relying on stock photos won’t be a good idea.

Web Design Tips - 1-2-2003Use Abstract Illustrations

If you want to make the webpage unique, you can focus on more abstract illustration. The benefit is, when people get something unique, they tend to like it more. Use some custom-made abstract illustrations which are eye-catching, and this will make it look better for sure.

Social Share

Using social share count is an excellent way to bias your traffic. When someone sees that other people are sharing the content, they also like to share it. It is not a difficult thing to show the social share count. There are some third-party solutions that you can integrate into the design.


Voice command - image for article 49939929This is a new concept for web designers. If you check the recent data, you will find that artificial intelligence is becoming so much popular among people. Especially voice command for different electronics is trending.

The biggest search engine Google is also focusing on voice search. So, you should give importance to VUI as much as UI. It could make your website rank better and kick-off the competitors.

These are the most important factors that are effective for web design. You may try some other techniques as well. Just make sure you are focusing on the user’s preference instead of only the look of the webpage.


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