The Efficiency of Rectangular Hollow Sections

Steel hollow elements represent the most efficient and complete type for the construction and manufacturing sector. The most durable and impressive constructions in the world are possible because they are built in hollow sections.

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Montanstahl can build custom-made steel and stainless-steel structures with hollow profiles and cross beams. They were therefore produced using strips cut from laser-cut plates, and then laser welded to the desired parts. This type of technology allows the most considerable flexibility of construction. Thanks to this, the profiles are generally rectangular hollow sections, where the wall thickness and the depth of the section are dimensioned according to the structural requirements.

Hollow profiles have a vast and diverse application

Some examples in construction with hollow profiles have been used in iconic structures such as the London Eye, and Emirates Stadium. These famous buildings are a sort of the point of reference in the construction of rectangular hollow sections.

The essential properties of steel make it a sustainable choice for a wide range of applications. Steel is durable, versatile, reusable, and, most importantly, 100% recyclable. Construction companies that choose steel as their construction material offer great support to the safeguard of the environment. Being sustainable is not only a matter of environmental benefits but also of improving the economic and ecological impact.

Greater flexibility of use and higher strength

Custom-made steel and stainless-steel structures with hollow sections and cross beams offer greater flexibility of use and a better strength-to-weight ratio than conventional parts. And traditional sections. With this material, you can reduce costs and increase efficiency. In the field of construction, the use of hollow sections allows building light-weight buildings and structures that are visually attractive for the benefit of the metropolitan landscapes and communities.

Steel usage offers excellent benefits

The steel industry ensures a stable working environment for many workers compared to other sectors of employment. Metalwork is reusable, which means that it is unlikely that the specified steel will ever become waste.

The aesthetic nature that steel has in various structures and buildings helps to create bright and airy environments in which people can live and work. The beauty of steel is that it does not degrade over time. So, whatever it is used for, it will not seem tired and obsolete with age.

Steel buildings are easily expandable

Steel buildings have the benefit of being adaptable. This material can also be expanded, and Steel is lighter than other building materials. This allows extensions for existing buildings to be built without damaging their foundations. These Structures can be reconnected, unlocked, repaired, reused, and also recycled.

The steel itself produces a very little quantity of waste and, what is there, can be recycled entirely. Steel constructions are dust-free and dry. Small volumes of materials are enough to be delivered on-site. So, it reduces site construction time, for the benefit of the surrounding communities that will feel a minimum impact on the environment.