How to Efficiently Grow Cannabis Indoors

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Unlike in the past, where marijuana used to be known for all the bad reasons, the herb has become incredibly popular over the past few years. Yes, it is still consumed as a recreational herb in most parts of the world, but the medical applications of cannabis are increasingly growing. This is why more and more states and countries are legalizing it for medical use.

As anyone would expect from this trend, the cannabis industry has provided many lucrative business options to people around the world. From farmers to pharmaceutical companies, and manufacturers of products like CBD oils, tinctures, drinks, gummies, skincare products, and even dog treats, there’s a bunch of ways to earn from the CBD industry.

Whether you’re doing it just for fun or as an entrepreneurial venture, growing cannabis can be an exciting and fulfilling activity. However, it doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges. You could have a green thumb, but cultivating the green herb may need more than just that. Especially if you need privacy and security, growing weed indoors is the way to go. Done right, it also gives you high-quality weed compared to outdoor growing.

What’s more, the seasons do not limit you when cultivating your marijuana indoors. But as earlier hinted, you will need to have the right information on approaches and techniques to efficiently grow cannabis indoors. Here are some tips you might wanna borrow.

1. Find the Perfect Space/Room

An ideal room should be clean and with perfect space far from unwanted eyes, animals, and invaders. This will keep you away from trouble with the government in case the herb is illegal in your state/country. Depending on your needs, your growing space could be your spare room, a corner in your basement, or even a cabinet.

The idea is to get the space that will fit your needs and the needs of the plant you are about to grow. On the latter note, you will also want to consider the room’s temperature and humidity levels. It should be easy to access for you but harder for nosy neighbors to do so.

2. Ensure Proper Lighting

The amount of light your weed is exposed to will have a huge impact on your harvest. But unlike other plants we grow indoors, placing your weed near a source of natural light may not be an option. In this case, LED grow lights will come in handy when cultivating weed indoors. Of course, you can structure your growing space creatively to let natural light in, but if this is not possible, artificial light becomes a huge savior. In a nutshell, some primary sources of light include:

  • The Sun

You may expose your plant to the sun (at least 8 hours) if you can. This is especially possible if you grow it in portable containers.

  • LED grow lights

Mentioned above, Light-Emitting Diode lights are essential when growing weed indoors. Their wavelength yields bigger and better quality results. That is why many ganja planters prefer these options.

  • Induction Grows Lights

These lights are more efficient than fluorescent lights, and above all, they are affordable and efficient.

When choosing the type of lighting to use, consider your budget, as well as your location and the size of your space.

3. Grow Medium

Cultivating weed indoors is most probably on a small scale. It is safe, secure, cheap, and straightforward compared to outdoor cultivation. However, there are various media for growing Solomon’s plant. These include soil growth and soilless growing, which are pretty much self-explanatory. Depending on your experience in farming, you can choose what suits you best in terms of the environment and your growing scale.

4. Choose the Ideal Container

You have decided to grow your herb inside, but where exactly are you going to put them? Well, containers are obviously the best choice. One advantage of “indoor farming” is mobility. You can easily move the plant from one corner to the other. However, keep in mind that marijuana is not a waterlogged plant. Make sure you get a well-perforated container to allow increased airflow and a proper draining of water.

5. Nutrients

You may wonder how the soilless cannabis will get its nutrients. The nutrients come in liquid form for the hydroponics, while for the soil media, it comes in powder form. The mixture is composed of the “seven-heaven” plant macronutrients, including Nitrogen, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Calcium, and Potassium. Depending on the particular strain of cannabis you are growing, you will know the quantity of a particular component needed.

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Lastly, you will need to water the herb well. Water is a fundamental need to literally all plants. However, we are made to believe that the more you water your plant, the faster it grows. That is not the case with ganja! Being a vegetative plant, it needs moderate watering. This is not to forget the perforated container bottom we mentioned above. You may want to use distilled water to avoid damages from too much chlorine and unfiltered minerals.

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