Eight Types of Food Packaging Services to Consider

Packaging food serves many purposes. It ensures quality and protection of the food product as well as allowing companies to display their brands in unique and innovative ways. Food packaging comes in a variety of forms including flexible packaging, which is when the shape of the package can be easily modified. You may be unaware of the different types of food packaging that can be used to store and transport items easily.

  1. Cans

Cans are excellent for preserving and transporting food or preservatives. Since cans are made from tin metals, it allows food to maintain its freshness for a longer amount of time before it reaches the customer. Various exotic or seasonal fruits and vegetables are canned so they can be made available all year round.

  1. Bags

Bags are ideal for protecting food from the outside environment. They are usually used for dry processed food such as chips or biscuits. They can be immediately and easily opened by the consumer, so they are ideal for snack-type foods.

  1. Aseptic Packaging

This is used to keep foods sterile before being used by the customer and are used for items such as milk and milk-based products. Aseptic packages are made from a mixture of paper, polyethylene, and aluminium. Together, these protect the food products from spoiling due to outside elements.

  1. Trays and Punnets

These are relatively shallow containers that may have a lid. They come in a variety of materials including foamed, transparent packaging that is reclosable for food that is ready to eat, and thermoformed or other thicker materials for food that is uncooked.

  1. Boxes

Boxes are one of the easiest ways to transport food, owing to its basic and sturdy shape. They can be made from different types of materials depending on the food products it is needed for. The most common materials that boxes are made of include corrugated fibreboard, wood, and metals. Boxes are used to package food such as frozen pizzas, cereals, and even cooking spices.

  1. Doy-Pack

These are flexible packaging containers that are designed so that the base can hold the contents upright regardless of whether the bag is full or not. They may also come with a resealable cap at one end to use the food product more efficiently.

  1. Bottles

The vertical-shaped packaging is usually used to store various liquid and semi-liquid-based food products. These come in different shapes, sizes, and materials to ensure an efficient grip for the customer and preservation of the product. There is also a cap at the top that can allow the customer to reseal the product when it is not being used. Bottles can be created from glass or plastic and can hold anything from water to ketchup.

  1. Jars

Similar to bottles, jars also come with a lid that can be resealed after being opened. Their difference to bottles is that the size of the opening at the top is fairly bigger and therefore, ideal for semi-solid food products. The sturdiness of the jar makes it an effective form of packaging and can be made in both plastic and glass. It holds food such as jams, pastes, and even pickled foods.

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