Electric bikes vs cars – Are cars really cheaper?

E-bikes are becoming more and more popular by the day. A lot of people have now resorted to the use of E-bikes to commute and you may be wondering if choosing an E-bike as transportation means instead of a car, is indeed a great idea. Take a look at some of the reasons why an electric bike may be more ideal for you than a car.


It may seem like cars are cheaper than electric bikes but in reality, electric bikes save cost when compared to cars. Apart from the initial cost of purchase, you have little or no other expenses to worry about unlike in the case of cars. Registration fees, repair and maintenance fees as well as day-to-day spendings like petrol costs and parking fees are all eliminated.

Another reason E-bikes are cost-efficient is that you do not have to pay tax or insurance MOT on them. Electric bikes are considered regular bikes under the law and you are free to insure them only if you want.


Electric bikes contribute positively to the environment because they are unlike other powered means of transportation that run on gas or diesel. E-bikes run on electrical energy and do not release carbon emissions or other toxic gases into the environment. Electrical energy is in all ways environmentally friendly, making commuter bike a great means of transportation in both urban and suburban areas.

Apart from not emitting toxic gases into the environment, moped bikes also do not contribute to noise pollution. Electric bikes are made to run quietly such that they are not a nuisance to fellow road users and other people in the environment.

Fun and effortless

E-bikes provide a fun and adventurous way to commute. Being power-assisted, riding an e-bike requires little or no effort. You can simply cruise along with no fear of getting sweaty or exasperated. If you desire transportation means that allows you to sit back, relax, and at the same time take in the environment, then a moped bike is the one for you.


While cars are most times a faster means of transportation than E-bikes, this is not always the case.  If you live in the city or a largely populated area, commuting using your electric bike may prove to be more time-efficient than with a car or bus. One thing common to cities and largely populated areas are traffic congestions, and instead of spending minutes or even hours stuck in traffic, you can simply ride to your destination on your power-assisted bike. In some cities, there are special lanes on major roads for just bike users which make beating traffic with your E-bike much easier. However, even if there aren’t special bike lanes, KBO bikes are compact enough to maneuver through long traffic of cars, trucks, and other vehicles.


Electric bikes can be used to get to locations that are inaccessible to other kinds of vehicles. This is because moped bikes are made in such a way that they can handle almost any kind of terrain regardless of how rough or uneven it is.  All features of electric bikes including their size, durability, and tire quality make them the perfect vehicle for off-road adventures. You may be skeptical about visiting a new location using your car, especially when you’re not sure about the state of the roads. Using an E-bike on the other hand is more convenient as it is easier to manipulate on uneven roads. It is for this same reason that some National parks and Resorts prefer to provide E-bikes for their visitors to explore the natural environment.

A means of exercising 

An E-bike does more for your health than any other means of transportation. This is because riding your electric bike is a means of exercising. In addition to being a fun way to get to your destination, it is also a way to give your heart and blood vessels a good workout. Like most cardio exercises, cycling improves your health by building your muscle strength, burning calories, and lowering your stress levels. Not only will your physical body gain from cycling, but your mental health is also improved over time.

They can be re-sold

An electric bike usually costs more than a regular bike but one of the major advantages e-bikes have is that they can be resold. If you want to get a new model of your KBO bike, you can simply sell off your old one. Electric bikes are so durable that even after years of use they are still in great shape and still hold their worth. Electric bikes are quickly taking over conventional means of transportation. They appreciate rather than depreciate like other vehicles and you can resell your bike for the same amount or sometimes even a greater amount than you initially bought it.

Easy to maintain

An electric bike is one of the easiest means of transportation to maintain as compared to others. It takes you less time and less effort to keep your E-bike in great shape. It is small in size, making it easy to wash or clean. The most important thing to do to maintain your E-bike is to clean it regularly and park it in a location away from the rain or snow. You also have to clean and oil your wheels regularly.

Pros and Cons of E-bikes and Cars



  • E-bikes are fun to ride and require little energy.
  • E-bikes save you money.
  • They are easy to clean and store.
  • They give you a good opportunity to explore and enjoy the natural environment.
  • E-bikes improve your health through exercise.
  • E-bikes do not require a license before you can ride them.
  • The cost of maintenance of E-bikes is less than that of cars.


  • Less comfortable than cars.
  • Cannot take as many people as cars can.
  • They are heavier than regular bikes.



  • They are comfortable to be in.
  • They have more speed and longer range than E-bikes
  • They protect against the rain and all other weather conditions.


  • Cost a lot of money to buy and maintain.
  • Contributes to environmental pollution; air and noise pollution.
  • Does not encourage exercising.

Final Thoughts

Both Power-assisted bikes and cars have their advantages and disadvantages. The cost of buying an E-bike may seem like a lot at first but when compared with the cost of the day-to-day usage of a car, an electric bike certainly saves you more money. Ultimately, the benefits of an E-bike outweigh that of a car. An electric bike not only saves you money and improves your health, but it is also great for the environment.

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