Electric Scooters’ Sudden Invasion of American Cities Explained

Everything You Need to Know About the Introduction of Electric Scooters in America

We can now see electric scooters everywhere. While some Americans consider them trash, others think that they are pure gold as they are a great solution to micro-mobility. The invention of the electric scooter market has brought these machines into public awareness. However, these powerful machines are by no means a new invention. Want to know more about the invasion of electric scooters in America? Let’s find out.

Why are Electric Scooters Becoming So Popular in America?

There is no denying the fact that electric scooters are growing in popularity in America. The reason behind the popularity of these machines is due to the convenience they offer. The travelers can now commute easily to their different locations with them. Even though they are a lot similar to other forms of transportation such as mopeds and bikes, they are considered more convenient as they provide convenience to the commuters.

One of the major reasons behind the popularity of electric scooters is that you can easily fold them up and carry them around the town. As a result, they become the perfect solution to finish a commute that requires public transportation.

If you are residing in a dense urban area in America, you will find that cars are not the fastest mode of transportation to travel between different destinations. Therefore, the citizens keep searching for better alternates to travel to complete their daily routine.

These scooters are the perfect option for urban cities because they are compact, lightweight, and foldable. Due to the portability of these machines, you can easily fold them up and bring them up with you while traveling on train or bus. Not only this, but you can even bring these scooters to your office. This explains the sudden invasion of electric scooters in American cities.

Are the Electric Scooters Dangerous for Drivers and Pedestrians?

Even though electric scooters are extremely popular among American citizens, they can be dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians if not taken seriously. According to a study posted in the Journal of the American Medical Association Open, approximately 250 people visited the emergency room in Los Angeles between the duration of September 1, 2017 and August 31, 2018.

The majority of the injuries caused by e-scooters included head injuries. In fact, two of these injuries were so serious that the riders had to stay in the ICU for several days. On the other hand, only 100 injuries were caused by the bicycles during this period. So, you need to be highly careful while driving an electric scooter. Make sure you wear all the safety gadgets too.
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Final Words

The sudden invasion of electric scooters in American cities is due to the convenience they offer to the users. They are not only lightweight and compact but foldable too. This is what makes them a perfect solution for traveling in busy urban cities. However, riding them can be extremely dangerous too. So, be careful!

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