Why Arc Flash Study Is Important, and When Is It Required? Electrical Safety Advice from Industry Leaders

When employees of the enterprise work with different types of electrical equipment every day, they are put at risk that may be of a high magnitude. What the administration has to do with it? An arc flash study is organized to assess these risks and prevent possible harmful consequences.

There are different arc flash study companies. For example, Leaf Electrical Safety company describes its study here https://www.leafelectricalsafety.com/arc-flash-study, so you can learn more about the process and its features.

An arc flash study: from idea to realization

What happens when employees do not know the hazard level of the enterprise? There may be quite bad consequences, but, at least, there will be such problems as:

  • Without a proper arc flash label on the equipment, the employees just guess what protection measures they need.
  • If labels are older than five years, this may lead to problems with special commissions when they check the company.
  • When the potential incident energy level is unknown, there is a high risk of serious injury to workers.

The answer to all these problems is a proper arc flash study. It can be easily ordered by phone, and experts will come and do it in the following way:

  1. The verification of all the equipment is done.
  2. Experts analyze existing arc flash protection to identify hazards.
  3. Having the base hazard, they search for ways to alleviate arc flash level. You may need to change the setting or add some other equipment.
  4. By the end of the study, the hazard will be reduced, and you will get a report with an action plan for the future.

Search for a reliable company where experts are trained and can provide you with the clearest results that will help you to maintain electrical safety.

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