Why Your Business Needs to Practice email address verifier usage

Business is like a little child that goes through all the similar stages: from birth and development to growth and formation. It is just like a little child should be handled with care and constant attention. Business cannot be left unattended even for a minute.

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That is why measures aimed at the successful development of your business involve control of all outgoing and incoming data. In the era of digital marketing, when email is one of the most effective promotion tools, checking data verification becomes relevant. After all, email is the link between you and your existing or potential customers. It is foolish to believe that this aspect should not be given due attention. It is precisely this sales/promotion channel that has one of the highest return on investment (ROI) ratios.

If everything is done correctly, for every dollar invested there is an opportunity to get about $40 of net profit. But to make it work, and your marketing campaigns to pay off and bring money, you won’t do without email verification service. What is this software? What advantages does it offer? Why should it be used? How to choose the best one? We will discuss it in this article.

What Is Email Verification?

To understand what is email verification, both entrepreneurs and marketers must realize one thing: checking the list of mailers for validity is just the tip of the iceberg. Yes, such superficial validation allows you to exclude addresses you should not send letters to. Thereby you can significantly reduce marketing costs. But confirming your email data reduces bounce rates, both soft and hard. What is more, high-quality email verification service allows you to protect the reputation of your server, as well as the company in general.

Email verification software makes your contact list accurate and error free. They give you an idea of whether an address is active. They also tell you who is assigned to it: a real user or not, a target client or not. Reducing spam complaints, increasing your rating as a reliable sender, protecting against blocking your IP address and getting into the black list. All this is done due to the cool email verification service.

In addition, premium software systems have acquired such a function as API integration. This option allows you to embed a wide range of different verification tools in your own website or corporate network. This way you can automate all validation processes and work with huge amounts of information online. Also you can save a lot of time and forget about manual and routine work.

Email Verification Benefits

The first versions of email verification software packages included the installation of software on a PC. But these times are long gone. Many premium cloud services allow online verification. Among other email verification benefits you can also single out high verification efficiency and ease of management. At the same time most processes are automated. You do not need some special knowledge, training or any other preparation to start using the service right now. All complex operations and the search for the necessary information are undertaken by the service. As a minimum it includes:

  • A syntax check. With its help you can determine addresses that do not meet spelling standards. You may also exclude names with typos and incorrect characters.
  • Check for the existence of a domain name. Here the agency determines the reality (validity) of a particular address by validating the domain. The principle is simple. If there is no domain, there is no address.
  • The response from the mail server. It involves a request by the program for the correspondence of a domain to a specific server. The response will clarify whether a particular address exists or not.

The main purpose of email verification is to set and remove incorrectly entered email addresses. As many as possible. Then to find invalid mailers and make the mailing list targeted. This way it will increase the delivery and openability of emails. In the end, the verification service is needed to improve the conversion rate. “Email sent – email delivered – email opened – an effect” (purchase / improvement of brand recognition / increase of trust).

Reasons Why Businesses Require Email Verifier

Perhaps the benefits of email verification have not convinced you enough of the need to use email verification services yet. We suggest learning about the reasons that will become important arguments in favor of verification programs. Here is why businesses require an email verifier:

  1. The authenticity of the recipients. A high-quality service will identify inactive mailboxes and help to carry out mailing to the necessary and active addresses. Thus, the indicator of email deliverability will increase significantly.
  2. Automatic error correction. In addition to parsing an existing client base, the integrated options of the validation service are able to analyze the data entered by users into the form during registration. So the correction of errors will occur even at the stage of establishing a relationship between you and your subscribers.
  3. Increased profitability and engagement. The best email verification service can make your campaigns more targeted. So you will send your letters only to those who are potentially ready to respond. Only those who are really interested in your services and products will get your emails. The increase in clicks is the main reason for working with verification services, and they can do this very well.

Are you ready to start doing business more efficiently using a premium email address verifier for these purposes? Then let’s discuss how to choose such a service.

How To Choose Suitable Email Address Verifier For Your Business

We suggest paying attention to the following criteria in order to easily and quickly choose a truly effective software:

  • high accuracy rates — the cleanest address list;
  • quick work — performing operations as soon as possible;
  • validation options — the most complete range of tools;
  • customer service – accessibility and availability of various communication channels;
  • free trial – the ability to pump your product at no cost;
  • affordable pricing policy – the cost of verification should pay off;
  • advanced functionality – real time integration and verification.

Analyze your business requirements and compare them with the above criteria. For our part, we recommend trying proofy.io. This email verification service fully meets the requirements that we talked about above. And you can verify this right now. Just remember to thank us when your marketing campaigns go uphill!

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