Email Conversion & Migration – Main Specs

It is today impossible to image a company whose communication (both internal and external) is managed outside the email setting. Email has become an integral part of all corporate processes; apart from being an ordinary interaction tool, email facilitates corporate workflows and basic workload planning inside any organization. In other words, email is the most important tool for any business regardless of how many people work in the company.

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Taking into account the amount of information stored in our mailboxes, changing the email service can be equal to a disaster when improperly maintained. All communication, planning, history of transactions and correspondence – everything is stored in our entries. However, we always strive to increase the efficiency of working with mail without additional costs; therefore, the need for switching and using email conversion software for this purpose is simply impossible to avoid. It is especially true if the mail server is a troublesome and inefficient investment of funds and sending emails from employees’ personal boxes is ugly.

What Does It Take to Export/ Import Email?

Exporting mail from a mailbox on a local client or mail server is necessary both for backing up mail and for transferring (migrating) data to another mail server. There are many solutions that allow you to export emails as well as migrate between emails. For that, you need to have a clear understanding of what data to transport and what format to convert it to.

Info that can be migrated:

  • email entries (inbox, outbox, drafts, deleted);
  • calendar entries (meetings, reminders, notification, etc.);
  • address book;
  • labels;
  • templates;
  • settings.

You do not necessarily need all the above data, so think twice on what you need to convert and move to a new email server. Otherwise, you risk overpaying for the excessive amount of info to be migrated and spend more time on a useless operation.

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Final Say

Import, transfer, and work with mail only seem simple as long as the volumes of your mailboxes fit into the strict framework of mail providers. Every year the number of letters and volumes of accounts grow exponentially, which may cause a lot of different problems. To avoid all of them in advance, it is necessary to move to different email service with extended functionality and capacity. In case, you decide to move to Outlook, you can always use the services of Outlook transfer to migrate any type of data within short time frames. Thus, you will down-times in your communication. What is more, you can set up auto-replies informing people on your move. That’s easy! Want to ensure a maximum smooth move, then it is time for you to use Outlook for this purpose.