Why Your Email Signature Is Inevitable Part Of Your Brand

Every office worker sends a bunch of emails every day. Not many business owners pay attention to this fact although it can bring them a number of advantages. Just imagine that every letter written by your employees is another opportunity to present your business and product to potential customers. Indeed, a good email signature is a small but quite promising tool for influencing the target audience. Thus, we are confident that it should be an integral part of every successful business!

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What Makes Your Email Signature So Important For Your Business?

What is an email signature on the first hand? It is a small block located at the bottom of every letter you send. This block normally contains the basic information about the author of the email:

  • Name;
  • Position in the company;
  • Company name;
  • Contact details;
  • Links to useful sources like a corporate website or social media;
  • Visuals – as a rule, a professional photo of the author or company’s logo.

All this information is delivered to your recipients automatically as you create a new letter.

This way, an email signature is pretty much a business card that you can share with your email contacts. It is an opportunity to presents yourself to prospects and partners, and let them know how they can reach you. Why is it so important? This element significantly increases the effectiveness of your emails, providing you with many additional benefits that will be specified further in our article.

email signature your brand image 222n222How Does Email Signature Influence Your Company’s Branding?

Your brand is an identifier of your company – it shows your customers who you are and what you do. That is why branding should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. However, branding is most effective when it is consistent. This means that you have to use it properly in all of its forms, be it a design of your website, your business cards, letterheads, etc. But even this is not all. While modern companies seem to cover all of the nuances mentioned above, they often forget about one of the most powerful, although small, branding tools – corporate email signatures.

Email signature bb43333As was mentioned earlier, each email is your opportunity to share important information about your business and raise your brand’s recognition. How does it work? Having a branded email signature design for all of your team members helps your target audience to link your company’s name to a specific image. When people see your logo with every message they get from you, they will recognize your company and remember your brand. This also increases the response rate and helps you get more feedback from your contacts. Besides, this element of your email correspondence also helps create a sense of trust, which, in its turn, will help you convert your prospects into loyal customers with less effort!

Also, an email signature contributes to the professional look of your emails. If it is designed well, it will show your company’s legitimateness. This is a digital form of your business card and, if it is designed properly, it will help you promote your company in a professional and memorable way.

Here are the top three reasons that prove how a good email signature can boost your branding:

1. Recognition

If you want to increase the people’s awareness of your brand, the easiest way to do this is by using your emails. We bet that you and your employees have to reach out to hundreds of people, who don’t know a thing about your business. With a good signature, you have an opportunity to let your recipients get to know you better. In its turn, this will contribute to the boost of brand awareness.

Along with recognition come increased trust and engagement of your recipients. This will help you get more replies and encourage your recipients to make certain actions, for example, visit your website or purchase a product you offer.

2. Conformity

Use your stamps for brand conformity! Use the essentials of your brand’s image such as corporate colors and logo in the signature to make a visual presentation of your brand. If your design conforms to the brand guidelines, you can be confident that your brand is used properly.

3. Consistency and professionalism

Although many people still miss out on this opportunity, a well-designed email signature is a must-have for every successful business! Not having one can have a negative effect on your company’s reputation. This way, your brand can seem unprofessional to your target audience, and there is no need to explain how this can influence your company’s success.

A great stamp, on the contrary, makes a positive and long-lasting impression on your audience. Thus, it contributes to their perception of your brand and helps you convert those prospects into real customers.


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