Empowering Businesses With Software

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Software has advanced exponentially in the last few decades. Many senior staff members who have been cultivating their careers for over twenty years will have vivid (and often negative) memories of earlier IT and software systems. Their functionality was incredibly limited compared to the software solutions and IT infrastructure of today and cloud-based systems were nothing more than computer science fantasy. Many workers will have struggled with early systems and found them difficult or cumbersome to use while being prone to technical issues. 

Thankfully, since the late 1990s when internet technology started to become a global phenomenon, the pace of technological development is progressing at a rapid pace. It now offers businesses a range of software solutions that can improve productivity and allow real-time collaboration to take place without the need to be in a shared physical location (such as a conventional office building). Put simply, the latest software can empower businesses to work more efficiently and effectively. 

In this article, some key examples of how software can truly empower modern business will be explored in detail.

Licensing considerations

As businesses rely on a greater number of applications and cloud-based solutions in their daily activities, licensing issues and the need to ensure the optimum setup is achieved become apparent. Thankfully, there are a range of specialist IT companies that can provide Microsoft volume licensing solutions as well as giving expert assistance to ensure that the best mix of software is utilized that fits the ongoing needs of the business. In an age where the complexity of cloud-based systems and online architecture can become bewildering for all but the most senior of developers, having access to specialist advice with licensing packages and optimization of applications can be truly empowering for any business.

Video conferencing software

In 2023, it’s estimated that approximately 62% of workers undertake their duties from a remote setting at least for some part of the working week. This is now an accepted working practice in many firms and is predicted to be for the foreseeable future. Many workers experienced remote or hybrid models of work for the first time during the recent Covid-19 pandemic and found that it allowed them greater freedom in how they approached their working day, together with work-life balance improvements. 

A key way that businesses have used software to empower their increasingly remote workforce is by utilizing video conferencing software. By participating in and hosting online virtual meetings or presentations, a remote workforce can stay connected with their teammates and the wider working directorate. This helps to ensure that tasks and goals continue to be achieved on time whilst reducing the need for centralized physical business premises. 

Microsoft 365 

The latest incarnation of the Microsoft Office package gives staff a suite of software solutions that can empower them to produce high-quality outputs and collaborate seamlessly in real time. Common established programs such as Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint have all been upgraded and are daily-use applications for millions of workers around the world. In addition, cloud-based applications such as OneDrive provide secure online storage and Microsoft Teams provides a solid platform for video conferencing and team meetings.

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