Enhancing real estate sales: The power of virtual tools

The market of real estate has gone through some significant changes in the last few years. The main changes that have happened in its development involve the adoption of different virtual tools. 

Various virtual tools bring out the best in real estate sales. They make it possible to save time and money, reduce costs and become cost-efficient, enhance the experience for potential buyers, and simplify work for development companies and real estate agents.

The real estate industry has embraced and created various technologies like VR and AR tools, 3D models, interactive platforms, etc. So, if you are in search, we do recommend looking for the perfect tool for the real estate market like Visengine to consider for boosting your real estate sales.

Such technology improves all the properties for better marketing and selling. There is no success in sales nowadays without the use of advanced tools. So buckle up and get ready to find out about different virtual tools and how they help you sell real estate like a professional!

Virtual Tools to Boost Real Estate Sales

#1 Interactive Masterplan

This virtual tool is a perfect match for a development company that has large development projects, different price ranges, and multiple homes and offices. Interactive master plans are a powerful tool for real estate sales. They are detailed maps that can show the layout of the whole development project with clickable icons that provide more information on everything.

Potential customers can zoom areas, see them from different perspectives, view 360 walkthroughs, explore everything with photorealistic tours, get all the needed information on units, prices, floor plans, etc., and more. Sellers and real estate agents can use this tool to emphasize important properties and leverage the whole sales process. 

#2 Virtual Staging Platforms

Give a home some fresh breath! With this virtual tool, you can transform old or empty homes and freshen them with some decor, modern furniture, artwork, etc. In other words, you can open up the full potential of this building to make -potential buyers see what they can get.

Using virtual home staging real estate, you’re not just showcasing a property, you’re crafting a vision of what it could be for potential buyers. This tool is extremely cost-effective compared to physical staging. Moreover, it is easier to adopt desired ideas and create a more consistent look for the property.

Another crucial feature of such a tool is that sellers, development companies, or real estate agents can design and showcase different styles and options of the same building or room, and that brings them to a much wider range of buyers. So, consider this tool, especially if you are tight on budget. 

#3 Virtual Reality Tours

There are various tools that open you up to a wider range of buyers, and virtual reality tours are one of them. This time you can open to potential buyers from different countries and locations. Moreover, real estate sales get significantly boosted as VR technology offers a fully immersive experience for buyers. It creates the feeling as if they are really there and observing everything in real time.

This virtual tool is a cool option to choose from as it also provides clickable elements and walkthroughs and shows all the important features of the property. Furthermore, this way of marketing is great in times when people value their time and try to save it as much as possible. So, going on a virtual tour is a perfect option in this matter: seeing the site without spending any minute commuting. 

#4 Augmented Reality Technology

As we move further, there are more tools to discover. One more exciting virtual tool for enhancing real estate sales is AR technology. It has been researched and proven that customers who are exposed to AR technology are more likely to make a purchase (almost 20% more of them). It is one more proof that virtual tools are worth investing in.

Augmented reality tools make it possible for potential buyers to preview real estate objects using their smartphones or tablets. It may work the way when they point the device at some listing, go on a virtual tour of the property, and discover it in 3D. It not only improves sales but also makes your company stand out among others. 

#5 Interactive 3D Floor Plans

Another way to take your potential buyers on an interesting journey is to involve 3D floor plans. This way, you create a better picture of the future site. You may add photos, videos, and other features to enhance the floor plan with a better understanding of the site.

How to Enhance Real Estate Sales Pitches

Development companies, agents, and sellers can really deliver a great pitch with the help of above mentioned virtual tools. Moreover, they can advance it with different computer graphics, sensors, display technologies, etc. These all add up to creating an interactive and realistic virtual experience of the property and take real estate sales to a whole new level rather than just regular photos and videos. 

On the whole, there are some crucial benefits those virtual tools provide. Let’s immerse ourselves in those advantages.

  • Personalized Experience

Agents and sellers create fully custom virtual tours. Moreover, they can adjust them to different clients, adding and/or highlighting various features and elements. This way, they target them straight to their needs.

  • Improved Trust

When clients and potential buyers can have this immersive and interactive experience, they have a better understanding of the site, and you can build trust. It also eliminates any misunderstandings or confusion. 

  • Showcase of All Details

Virtual tools allow showcasing any minor element of the property. Moreover, it enables showcasing it to people who are anywhere in the world and not able to see it in person.

  • Higher Engagement Rates

As soon as you start using various virtual and interactive tools, you get your clients hooked. It becomes easier to draw their attention and retain them. The communication becomes straightforward, and you are able to answer all the questions (if any are left after 3D walkthroughs).

In general, real estate sales become top-notch and more engaging, delivering better results.

Last but Not the Least

The market of real estate has changed a lot, mainly due to virtual tools. From a 3D interactive platform for real estate to VR tours, real estate companies have received numerous benefits and improvements in their sales. That is why one should remember that successful sales are no longer possible without the adoption of virtual tools.