5 Signs of a Great Enterprise Software Development Company

Five signs of a great enterprise software development company 33333

For years, enterprise software development has played a vital role in how effectively organizations meet their information technology needs. Defined as a collection of software programs designed to satisfy the wants of an organization – and, in turn, their customers and end-users – enterprise software is used by governments, schools, media groups, hotels, courier companies, fashion empires, consumer goods corporations, and more.

If your enterprise is interested in partnering with an enterprise software development company, then here are five signs of a great one.

1. They Can Do Anything

Enterprise software development is a profoundly complex process with a variety of applications. The right company should easily meet the demands of your project, whether it requires expertise in data visualization, artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, or the internet of things (IoT). They should be able to modernize your existing application or build you a breathtaking product from a digital concept.

Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Team for Your Software Development Project
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2. They’re Experienced

An inexperienced enterprise software development company may struggle to satisfy your organization’s needs, especially if your project is sophisticated. Instead, turn to a company that has been serving enterprises for many years, one with an outstanding reputation for customer service, engineering, and technical expertise.

When choosing the right company, experience is critical – look for a company like InterKnowlogy with an agile process and broad expertise. They’ve powered a diverse range of solutions, from the Xamarin-based, Azure-powered voting platforms used in the 2016 Iowa Caucuses, to the Magic Wall used by CNN’s John King for hours on election evening, and even the refined in-room dining menu app using by the guests at Mandarin Oriental. They’ve achieved this by applying their progressive design principles in conjunction with cutting-edge technologies across multiple platforms.

3. They Offer a Design Partnership

Look for an enterprise software development company that treats you like a partner. You want a partner that will help you properly define what your product needs, mitigate your risks, work with you to develop a minimum viable product that can be evolved, and create the best solution given deadlines and other constraints. The right company should work with you every step of the way to bring your project to life to your satisfaction.

While many companies employ talented staff, only the best ones employ passionate software engineers, project managers, and UX designers to work collaboratively with their clients.

4. They’re All About User Experience

You are entrusting an enterprise software development company with your business’ user experience. It stands to reason that their user experience should also be robust. For many businesses, the prospect of building a custom solution can have inherent risk, but the best development companies know how to walk you through the process.

Trust a company that employs a visualization process when building out your projects – sketches and storyboards that echo your needs and address your concerns.

Project Manageent
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5. They Excel at Project Management

This might sound painfully familiar. You hire a team that makes multiple commitments at the design phase and promises to complete your project within your budget to your specifications. However, later they tell you that some features must be sacrificed unless the budget is increased. Either that or they’re unable to meet your deadlines.

An excellent enterprise software development team prides itself on its ability to deliver your project on-time and on-budget. Moreover, they understand the fluctuating environments in which their clients operate and are flexible enough to accommodate their evolving needs.

These are five signs of a great enterprise software development company. If you need large-scale data presented in an easily-digestible way, look for a skilled, experienced company that boasts a jaw-droppingly impressive portfolio and is passionate about helping their clients achieve their visions.

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