Environmentally Safe Drilling Techniques and What You Should Know


If you are someone who is active in or have some sort of knowledge of the natural resources industry such as oil or gas, then it is likely that you have come across this term before. If not, than by the end of this article you will certainly be familiar.

Environmentally Safe Drilling Techniques and What You Should Know
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Essentially, directional drilling is the means in which to extract natural resources from horizontal wells. If this is a new term to you I will explain. This is a kind of well that is created to extract oil or gas from the lines and used to make any servicing of safety changes to the line. It is a proven environmentally safe method. Now, previously, this technique was now used as the industry favoured a more traditional vertical drilling technique. The problem with this is that it didn’t allow you to reach the more difficult places.


Horizontal drilling is the newest method of environmental drilling. The nature of the direction of the drill means that it has more of a reach and that it can hit more targets than the former method. It is also used to install gas lines in areas of bridges and rivers, making it an important asset.

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One of the main advantages of directional drilling, specifically the horizontal method, as well as being able to hit more targets, is that it has less of a carbon footprint than older and more dated methods. It is able to cover more of an area in less acres. This means the horizontal drill is more efficient, less costly, safer for the environment and increases drilling productivity.

If the customer ie land owner, chooses a method such as this, they are making a conscious effort to do more for the environment. As the natural resource industries such as oil and gas are so large and lucrative, by having a method of extraction and drilling that is so environmentally friendly, it sends out a message and makes a very positive step in the right direction.

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Now more than ever we need a collective effort to try and reduce harm to the environment. By choosing methods such as the horizontal drill, you can be at peace of mind that it is a method of drilling that has been proven to lower footprints, and risk of contamination, which as we know is extremely harmful for soil, growth and nature.

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This site lists the methods available, why it is the most modern and efficient way of directional drilling. You can see more examples of images and what the finished product would look like. It is truly the more environmentally friendly drilling method.


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