Why is Epicatechin The Best Legal Steroid?

Due to its demand, different kinds of steroids and supplements are being discovered and released to the market here and there. Body-builders and also serious athletes search the entire internet on the hunt for the perfect supplements that can help them achieve their strength and body goals.

Lately, Epicatechin is one of those ingredients that has been gaining some spotlights due to its benefits and natural properties. This article gives an overview as to why Epicatechin is deemed as one of the best legal steroids to date.

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What is Epicatechin?

Recent researches suggest that Epicatechin, a flavonoid that can be found from green tea and cacao, can help in muscle growth. One study suggests that there is a possible relationship between the levels of epicatechin, follistatin, and myostatin. Myostatin is a natural protein in your body that suppresses muscle growth while follistatin, on the other hand, promotes the growth by hindering myostatin signalling.

It is said the epicatechin can help in boosting follistatin by inhibiting myostatin – in layman’s terms: it can help with the increase of muscle growth.

Benefits of Epicatechin

Because of epicatechin’s natural properties, it has been proven to cause a lot of health benefits and is safer than other steroids in the market.

  1. Helps increase muscle size

Just like what we mentioned above, epicatechin is a myostatin inhibitor that can help in increasing the follistatin which promotes muscle growth. This is one of the reasons why athletes and bodybuilders gravitate towards supplements with epicatechin: it is naturally-derived and can help with the growth of their muscle mass.

  1. Boosts exercise performance and muscle recovery

Aside from muscle growth, epicatechin can also increase the production of nitric oxide. The increased amount of nitric oxide in the body helps in widening the blood vessels which can result in the boost of muscle’s endurance and also reduce muscle soreness.

  1. Could lower cholesterol level and improve insulin sensitivity

The increase of nitric oxide due to epicatechin can also help in improving insulin sensitivity thus help with managing diabetes.

  1. It is non-hormonal

Another factor that set epicatechin aside from any other steroids in the market is that it doesn’t affect the hormones in your body. This makes it suitable for both men and women.

Recommended Intake of Epicatechin

Even though epicatechin can be extracted from chocolate or tea, studies say that supplements with epicatechin are better to consume to get the sufficient amount that your body needs. Moreover, the recommended dosage of epicatechin is 2mg for every kilogram of your weight.

For example, if you weigh 60kg, you must consume 120mg of epicatechin supplement. Some bodybuilders consume more than that for a day to get the most out of the nutrients.


Epicatechin is one of those ingredients that doesn’t cause any side effects because of its natural and far from harmful properties. This is the reason why it has the hype that it’s getting today. Further studies are still to be conducted to prove the benefits of epicatechin, but until then, users prove that it doesn’t cause any harm to them.Meanwhile, there are compounds such as clenbuterol for sale that offer the same benefits as Epicatechin. For more information about Epicatechin, go to https://www.hugesupplements.com/epicatechin/

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