Equipment All Courier Drivers Should Have Handy

As a courier driver, a lot of your time will be spent in your vehicle. Making deliveries from town to town and city to city, the vehicle you choose to complete your drop-offs in will need to be well-equipped to ensure you have everything available to you that you may need during your journeys and when collecting/dropping off goods. With this list of all the most essential equipment, courier drivers should have handy, you can be sure you have everything you need for a successful day of driving. 


For those dark winter evenings, a torch can become an essential item as you search the contents of your vehicle for a parcel or while you look for the address or house number of a property. A torch will also come in handy if you were to ever break down during one of your delivery routes. This would enable you to see clearly under the bonnet of your vehicle to check for a problem or to keep you safe on the side of the road as you await a tow truck/assistance. 

Accurate GPS devices 

This may seem obvious, but an accurate GPS device is so important for helping you locate your delivery address. Many courier drivers may not be aware of new addresses and should, therefore, ensure the GPS technology inside the vehicle is updated regularly. 

Some courier service providers will provide GPS devices or built-in systems to make this easier for their drivers. Either way, GPS technology has become a courier driver’s best friend and makes completing deliveries far simpler. 

Extra phone chargers and batteries 

Another essential piece of tech to keep handy in your vehicle is an extra phone charger and batteries for any of your other electronic devices. For most courier drivers, a phone is the only tool available for keeping in contact with customers. When working as a courier driver for a delivery partner, you will often be required to update your delivery status as you complete each delivery via a mobile application. Therefore, keeping your phone fully charged is essential. 

Protective and waterproof clothing 

You can never be 100% certain of the weather, especially when working as a courier driver across the UK. Some essential clothing pieces to keep handy in your van include a protective, waterproof jacket, sturdy boots (suitable for driving), a high vis for maximum visibility when moving in and out of the vehicle, and gloves both for comfort, warmth, and protection. 

Sunglasses for the road 

For bright and sunny days, ensuring your eyes are protected while driving is especially important. Sunglasses with lenses that offer protection from UV and glare will ensure you are able to see clearly while driving in the bright sunlight and your eyes are protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays. 


Although not essential, a dashcam is a useful tool for added security and protection as a courier driver. This will allow you to catch video footage of any incidents you may need to report or road traffic accidents to prove to your insurer and the company you drive for (if working under a delivery service provider) who was responsible. 

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