EquityNet Review – A Crowdfunding Investment Platform With A Track Record

EquityNet, established in 2005, stands out as a pioneering equity crowdfunding platform. It offers a unique service by not only connecting entrepreneurs with a diverse range of investors but also providing patent-protected analytical tools for both parties. 

Unlike typical crowdfunding platforms, EquityNet doesn’t involve itself in transactions or charge success fees. Instead, it operates on a subscription model for startups, offering them a space to present their business plans and pitches. Additionally, EquityNet ensures investor authenticity and has facilitated over $300 million in investments.

EquityNet Investment Types

EquityNet offers a diverse array of investment opportunities across multiple industries, including energy, healthcare, and real estate. Businesses range from startups to mature growth companies, with over 1,000 companies having used the platform for capital raising. 

Investors can filter potential investments by various criteria and access detailed company profiles. Investment methods include convertible debt, equity, debt financing, grants, and royalty funding. The minimum investment requirement is $5,000, and investors need to be accredited.

EquityNet Features

Here are some of the top features you can expect to gain from EquityNet:

  • Business Profiling and Planning: Tools for detailed business profiles and business plan creation.
  • Document Management and Public Crowdcast: Systems for sharing documents and promoting business profiles.
  • Private Funding Network and Investor Management: Access to investor profiles and tools to identify relevant investors.
  • Integrated Messaging and Due Diligence Support: Streamlined communication and information for informed investment decisions.
  • No Fees for Investors: Attracts investors without additional costs.
  • Wide Selection of Investments: Diverse options for investors allowing an accessible way to diversify.
  • Long Track Record: Established in 2005, they have a long history in equity crowdfunding.

EquityNet Pricing

EquityNet’s pricing structure includes various subscription plans for entrepreneurs and benefits for investors. Entrepreneurs can choose between free basic features and paid subscriptions, starting at $110 per month, with accepted payment methods like Visa and MasterCard. For investors, there are no fees when using EquityNet. 

The platform also offers advanced subscription options like the Premium DIY plan at $299/month, which includes business analysis tools, and the Full Service plan at $2,990/month, offering comprehensive campaign management and consulting.

What Type Of Investor Is EquityNet Best For?

EquityNet is best suited for entrepreneurs and startups looking for equity crowdfunding, offering a platform to connect with accredited investors. It’s ideal for various business sectors seeking funding, including small businesses. For investors, EquityNet presents innovative opportunities to invest in diverse industries. 

The platform caters to a broad entrepreneurial community, including individual entrepreneurs, investors, incubators, and government entities, facilitating the planning, analysis, and capitalization of privately held businesses.

EquityNet Alternatives

If you are not an accredited investor or the offerings of EquityNet don’t sound appealing to you, there are other options available in the alternative investment space. Here are a few other options you could consider:

  • SMBX: If you are not an accredited investor but want to participate in small business investing, SMBX could be right for you. SMBX is a pioneering financial platform connecting investors with small businesses. It allows individuals to invest directly in local businesses through Small Business Bonds™, offering up to 11.5% interest. SMBX is particularly focused on community impact, supporting a variety of businesses including minority-owned and woman-owned enterprises. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and free for investors, while businesses pay a fee to raise capital.
  • CrowdStreet: CrowdStreet, established in 2014, is an online platform for commercial real estate investing. It connects accredited investors with high-quality real estate projects, offering investments in individual properties and funds. As of 2023, CrowdStreet has facilitated over 732 deals and attracted $3.9 billion in investments. The platform is known for its educational resources, thorough vetting of projects, and access to diverse real estate investments. 
  • EquityMultiple: EquityMultiple is a New York-based real estate crowdfunding platform that connects accredited investors with commercial real estate investment opportunities. It offers a variety of investment structures, including debt, preferred equity, and common equity, across different commercial properties. Known for its technology-driven approach. Investments start at $5,000 for notes, and fees range between 0.5% and 1.5%, depending on the investment type.


EquityNet, since its establishment in 2005, has been a leader in equity crowdfunding, connecting a wide range of investors with entrepreneurs. It stands apart with its patent-protected analytical tools and a subscription model that benefits both startups and investors. 

The platform has facilitated over $300 million in investments and offers a diverse array of investment opportunities across industries like energy, healthcare, and real estate. EquityNet is particularly suitable for entrepreneurs and startups seeking crowdfunding solutions and investors looking for innovative investment opportunities in various sectors. 

The platform’s features include business profiling, document management, and investor management tools, all designed to enhance the investment process. With no fees for investors and a variety of subscription plans for businesses, EquityNet caters to a broad entrepreneurial community. To get started with EquityNet, Click Here.