Erectile Dysfunction: 5 Common Myths, Busted

The level of misinformation surrounding one of the most commonly experienced male sexual health conditions is immense. Over time, misconceptions become reinforced by anecdotes and informational inaccuracies. Therefore, we’ve decided to highlight 5 of the internet’s most common ED myths so that you can know fact from fiction.

Erectile Dysfunction - Common Myths
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Myth 1: Older men only are affected by ED

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is often labelled as a condition that affects older men. While ED does increase in prevalence with age, it is not a condition that solely affects older men.

ED can also affect young men and is often caused by a series of different lifestyle factors such as having a poor diet, high blood pressure, high alcohol consumption and smoking. As lifestyle factors begin to influence overall health with age, ED in men may be experienced.

Myth 2: ED is purely a psychological condition

The underlying cause of ED is often thought to be psychological; this is simply false. Physiological causes of ED are more commonly the cause of ED such as high blood pressure and cholesterol.

However, in some cases, psychological causes may be the case where stress, anxiety and depression may lead to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, if you think any of these psychological factors may be influencing ED, it’s important to speak to a specialist.

Myth 3: To treat ED, you need to see a doctor

Seeking advice and guidance from a doctor is nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to treating ED. However, given the sensitive nature of the condition, you may be looking for discretion. Treatment for erectile dysfunction can be ordered easily online without the need for seeing a GP in person.

Clinically proven prescription erectile dysfunction treatment, such as Viagra, can be purchased online in a matter of minutes. It’s important to always buy treatment from a trusted brand; Pharmica is the UK’s most trusted online pharmacy and has thousands of excellent rated reviews.

Myth 4: Natural remedies are the most effective treatment option

This is a huge myth. Natural remedies are often found all over the internet claiming to be the solution to erectile dysfunction. It’s important to remember that only prescription treatment is regarded as the first-line therapy treatment option as it is clinically proven.

atural remedies are not clinically proven or evaluated via scientific research. Furthermore, natural remedies can bring unwanted side effects, some of which, can have a serious impact on your health.

Myth 5: ED medication will either work or it won’t

ED medications are all highly effective at treating erection problems. However, like all medications, the effectiveness of them can vary from person to person due to our individual differences.

In some instances, one particular medication may not appear to work. Before you discount the effectiveness of the treatment, there are certain factors that can influence medication efficacy. One of which is drinking alcohol, where it can actually dampen sexual arousal.

It’s also important to ensure the user of Viagra or an ED medication is sexually aroused, as this is necessary for the treatment to work. If these factors do not apply and the ED treatment does not work, you could try an increased strength or a different medication to see what works best for you.

Knowing fact from fiction when it comes to ED is highly important, especially with increasing prevalence of the condition with age. Hopefully, these 5 busted myths help to clear the air when it comes to knowing essential information about one of the most commonly experienced male sexual health conditions.