Are eSports the Future of Sports Industry?

The future of most sports is eSports. While this may sound like a simple statement, there is increasing evidence to support it. Today, spectators, as well as participants, expect digital engagement. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through gamification in which watching is transformed into playing. eSports have taken the place of conventional sports and in the near future there will be more progress.

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Take, for instance, the case of video games. They have been played for more than six decades. The first video game competition took place roughly 48 years back at Stanford University. Since then, many competitions have been held in different parts of the globe either online or on a specific location. More so, the internet has become a popular part of society.

Present Scenario of eSports 

While eSports are slowly gaining popularity, the conventional sports world is still bigger. eSports are showing people a new kind of an innovative future where experience makes fans desire interactivity in their leisure experiences. The present-day consumer doesn’t want to just watch or listen to a game -they also want to be part of it, and eSports does a great job at integrating these principles.

With eSports, fans can conveniently follow on what is happening on the sports arena, thanks to the availability of portable handheld devices. There are billions of smartphone users in the world and they are all directly or indirectly influenced by eSports. Many people have ventured into the industry either for fan or as a source of income. For those in it for fan, they get to enjoy a seamless and immersive experience, a factor that has made eSports become popular among people.

For individuals who have joined the industry as a source of income, some have so far managed to earn life-changing amounts. Presently, there are many eSports tournaments that are being arranged. Usually, these arrangements are as a result of the rising popularity of eSports and its promising bright future. If there was nothing forthcoming from them, it goes without saying that no one would have given them the much attention they are recently commanding

One thing to keep in mind is that internet connectivity spiked in the last decades, transforming the world to what it is today. This development made easier for people to follow up on what is happening across the world without stepping outside their living room. Essentially, it is this invention that has given eSports an avenue to develop since without the internet, eSports would not have advanced leave alone being established. So, we have the internet to thank!

The Entrance of Sports Clubs into eSports

With the increasing fame of eSports, there are a number of popular and wealthy sports clubs that have entered this booming industry. For instance, Wolverhampton Wanderers Football club, which returned to the Premier League in mid-2018 has already launched its eSports wing known as Wolves eSports. In the same way, La Liga club of Spain recently launched its own eSports arm to promote and popularize eSports around the world.

Based on this, therefore, it is clear that eSports are here to stay. For instance, the legendary and most-watched FIFA series has become quite popular. Even people who don’t love on-field soccer/football have given this video game a try at one point. The eSport has become a household name and has risen to become the largest video game franchise in the world.

Should eSports be Considered as Real Sports?

One thing is clear, eSports are like true sports and they are very competitive in nature just like physical games. eSports require certain kinds of dedication, focus, and time to be played just like real games. If you’ll take football as an example, it requires dedication and practice, just as is the case with real sports. The only difference being, with eSports, you don’t need to be physically involved as is the case with conventional games.

Further to this, as stated, e-Sports require minimal physical activity. They will not only make someone more entrusted but also won’t require certain periods of training or coaching, unlike real sports. According to the US government, eSport players are considered professional athletes. But this does not mean no effort is required in eSports. One needs to practice regularly to develop his or her playing skills, more so if they are into them as a career.

Currently, eSports are considered a global phenomenon and there are a number of eSports betting insider dedicated to making these sports more valuable and interesting. Over time, they have managed to attract a fan base of around 191 million and the number is growing gradually. This is an indication that the industry is booming and someday, these sports will be seen as real sports.

The Financial Benefit of eSports 

The popularity of sports is measured through financial benefits and popularity – both are interlinked. The more popular a certain game is, the more it will get funding or investment from investors. Therefore, it is important to consider the financial benefit from the angle of popularity. eSports, looking at the popularity, present many opportunities for financial gain.

Players who take part in competitions are usually paid some money, especially those who manage to win. Besides this, the sports are a good source of revenue. Combined, eSports tend to generate more revenue than the Asian Games organized in China. This shows the financial benefits of these type of sports.

In addition to this trend, the Olympic bid committee is in talks with the eSports representatives to include eSports in the upcoming Olympic games. If it will get to Olympics eSports will have made a great milestone, one that will see the become more popular than they currently are.

Though eSports may not completely replace the conventional games, it is certain that with time, these games will surely be considered as real games.  There is no doubt a great deal of technological advancements in sports that are still to come. eSports are in the process of getting better. But one thing that is certain is that even if they will not replace conventional sports, they will make them more advanced. Hence, eSports are the future of the sports industry!


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