Exploring a Few Essential Features Before Buying a Used Car

Buying and owning a car can be exciting. But before you get that old car, it will be better to familiarize yourself with a few specs. It will come in handy in determining whether a vehicle is suitable for your need or not. Or, at least, you know what you are getting into and why.

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Of course, a complex mechanical and technological masterpiece like an automobile tends to have many features and frills. You may wonder what to prioritize. Here is a brief take on categories like powertrain, interiors, and exteriors to clear your confusion a bit.


No matter how many car dealerships you visit, you would want to check a vehicle’s fuel efficiency, torque, horsepower, etc. You will find the reference of torque mostly in connection with the engine’s ability to produce power – the higher the torque, the better the acceleration and hauling capacity. On the other hand, horsepower represents the power produced by the engine. Again, a strong engine will have the high horsepower that allows a car to move quickly at high speed.

It can be one of the factors that help you determine a vehicle’s performance in different road conditions. Suppose you drive on hilly terrain. It will create pressure on the engine while hauling the car uphill. The engine will not have to work hard if the car’s horsepower is good. So, whether the vehicle has many passengers or travels a challenging route, you can refer to the horsepower rating.

Under powertrain, another crucial highlight can be fuel efficiency. In Canada, you measure this in terms of litres per 100km. If a car consumes more gas or diesel per 100km, you know it’s not good. So, ensure your used car doesn’t burn too much oil. Generally, fuel efficiency for cities, highways, and a combination of both routes varies. Since cityscapes involve multiple braking and driving incidents, you can expect the fuel consumption rating to be lower.

Highways can be easy to travel to without any stoppage, and the rating can be highest in this case. The combined rating accounts for fuel consumption on highways and busy city roads. Please remember those battery electric vehicles (BEVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), and others will have different fuel efficiency levels.


In this area, you can take a closer look at the car’s height, width, and length. You can also check curb weight, wheelbase, and others. If you have parking issues, a compact vehicle will be more suitable. When considering width, you have to analyze your choice from three angles – without mirrors, folded mirrors, and fully extended mirrors. The actual vast body of the vehicle plays a critical role in its stability and handling. As for height, there can be different approaches, but the most common one can be the vehicle’s height from the ground to the topside of it.

If you check the wheelbase, it represents the distance of the rear wheels from those on the front. A longer wheelbase will have much more room for chassis, which can be suitable for a car’s stability and ability to carry weight. However, a shorter wheelbase can be easy to manage on off-road drives. Then, you can factor in towing capacity. If you shop for SUVs or pickup trucks, they can be best for towing purposes.


Houston Chevrolet dealers recommend checking legroom, shoulder room, headroom, hip room, etc. If you buy a pre-owned vehicle for a family, you would like to be particular about the area between the accelerator pedal and the seatback on the driver’s side. The passenger seat in the front will measure the length from the footwell to the seatback. The rear seat measurements should consider the distance between the two backrests, including the rear and front seats. With more space than 889 mm at the back, most adults, younger teens, and kids can fit easily. However, adults can be more comfortable if it is 965 mm or greater.

The hip room should not be too small as it will remove comfort. Then, you also want to consider the headroom, which can affect your getting in and out of the vehicle experience and journey. You measure this starting from the seat cushion to the car’s ceiling. The height in vehicles with a sunroof can be a little shorter. Whether you are interested in a hatchback, SUV, or minivan, you will also want to determine trunk volume to understand how much you can load inside.

Some specs can sound too obvious, but many people miss one or the other necessary element while browsing through their options. It can happen either due to hurrying or excitement. No matter what causes this, the ultimate loss can be yours. So, make a checklist of everything to ensure you drive home in the best car. Since you get multiple choices under different price points, you don’t have to worry about finding the right one. Spend your time exploring all the features and be reasonable also. You will surely get the best deal with all due diligence.

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