Essential Grooming Tips You Must Follow For Your First Big Business Meeting

Your first big business meeting is no light matter and your preparations for it shouldn’t be casual either.

The first impression you make will be based on how you look which is why it is important to put some effort into grooming yourself and dressing appropriately.

Things like skipping a shower or wearing the wrong shirt can make a strong impact so don’t neglect such details.

Besides your dressing, good hygiene plays a huge role.

The following grooming tips will help you prepare for your big day.

Essential Hygiene & Grooming

No matter how fancy your clothes are, if you smell bad or your hair is all over the place, it won’t make a good impression.

Start with your essential hygiene routine – take a shower, brush your teeth and wash your hair.

Examine your face for signs of dirt or dry patches. If you have dry skin, apply a lightweight moisturizer. 

Men who have beards must style them properly ensuring that it doesn’t look messy. Don’t use too much of any styling product – keep it minimal.

Women should resort to simple hairstyles and refrain from decorative updos. If you’re leaving your hair open, make sure it stays in place.

Clip your nails. Make sure you don’t have any dirt stuck underneath them.

Smile in the mirror and examine your teeth right before the meeting begins. The last thing you want is for your investor to notice a piece of food stuck in your teeth.

In fact, there’s no harm in going the extra mile and getting a few teeth whitening sessions to get rid of difficult stains. Or you could simply order a teeth whitening gel and add a sparkle to your teeth at home.

Smile Brilliant offers one of the best at-home teeth whitening solutions that can revamp your teeth for the big day!

Pay Attention To Your Dressing

It is very important to dress properly for a business meeting. Make sure you pick out something formal and not flashy.

Simple colors are the way to go – avoid bright and neon ones which can be distracting to the eye.

The clothing item you pick should be well-tailored and comfortable. Avoid clothes that are too tight, too loose, or have very deep necklines.

Make sure your necktie is worn properly and goes well with a business suit.

Apart from your outer garments make sure your inner garments are fitting and comfortable.

If your organization has a dress code make sure you adhere to it.


While picking out a fragrance for your meeting make sure it is something that’s not overpowering.

It should be subtle yet long-lasting, and of course, pleasant! 

Use a good deodorant or antiperspirant to prevent body odor and visible sweat patches. 


Footwear is a very important part of your business outfit.

Avoid bright colors and highly decorative footwear. Similarly, footwear that’s squeaky or makes too much noise is a strict NO.

For women, formal sandals, classic loafers, and neutral heels are ideal.

Brogues, loafers, classic leather shoes, and minimalist sneakers are great options for men.

The shoes you wear should be polished, and without any rips, worn-off straps, or torn buckles.

Your footwear should coordinate with your whole outfit. Black and brown are neutral colors that go with almost everything.


Apart from these tips, you should follow proper business etiquette as well.

Don’t leave everything till the last minute and rush like you would for any other normal work day.

A few minutes of labor can go a long way in improving your presentation!

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