Essential Oils to Enhance Athletic Performance in Sports & Games

Essential oils are known for their therapeutic properties and amazing fragrance. However, they are also being analyzed and evaluated for their effectiveness and use in performance enhancement especially when it comes to Sports. Yes, indeed, essential oils can also have a positive influence on a person’s mind that improves his/her ability to think correctly and act according to the situation. These qualities are important in sports because they determine the outcome or result.

Essential oils are used for the treatment of stress, anxiety, depression, etc. They also prove to be excellent for people who have to deal with constant fatigue and lack of energy in their lives. Therefore, if players are also feeling the same due to extra pressure, hard training, or any other reason, then including essential oils in their daily routine might prove to be helpful for them. Certain essential oils like peppermint and other oils that belong to the mint and citrus family enhance lung function and this might improve the overall performance of an athlete or team during sports.

What is an Essential Oil?

Natural Essential Oils obtained by methods like cold-press, steam distillation, or through any other process by using herbs, fruits, plants, or seeds are known as essential oils. Unlike other oils, essential oils are stronger because they have concentrated compounds in them and contain very little or no diluent. Therefore, they are very effective and prove to be useful in various physical and neurological treatments.

Lavender, Peppermint Essential Oil, lemon, eucalyptus, tea tree, etc. are some of the popular essential oils that are in great demand in both national and international markets. Peppermint essential oil will boost your energy levels whereas lavender essential oil will help you to focus more by reducing the stress levels. Similarly, every essential oil has its own set of properties that can be tapped in by players who are looking to outperform others in sports.

Do Essential Oils Work Improve Performance in Games

Yes, they do because they are pure and obtained through processes that ensure that only the desired properties of a plant or herb are separated from the unwanted ones. However, for quicker and more effective results, one must use essential oils that are made from only pure and organic ingredients

Most of the essential oils are meant only for external application. However, if it is recommended to ingest an essential oil in certain conditions, it must be diluted with enough liquid or diluent before consumption. Even topical applications require that you dilute the oil before massaging it on your body parts. You can also inhale or diffuse the essential oils (aromatherapy) for gaining certain benefits from these oils. For instance, inhaling or diffusing peppermint oil will reduce congestion and cold effectively whereas lavender oil will help you sleep better. You must be fit both mentally and physically while playing any kind of sport and as essential oils support both mental and physical health, they will improve your performance in one way or the other.

The active compounds or ingredients that are present in these oils will relax your mind and body and this will ultimately prove to be a game-changer when it comes to your performance. By reducing stress levels, the essential oil will help control your blood pressure, heartbeat rate, hormones, and many other important things that can affect your performance.

Essential oils also reduce the strain from your muscles and some of them are specifically used for faster muscle recovery. This means that you can use essential oils to recover from injuries and cuts as well.

The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of certain essential oils can prove to be beneficial for reducing inflammation and pain that might arise due to bruises and cuts that you might suffer while playing sports. Moreover, as they provide relief from muscle and joint pain, essential oils can also be used during a Sporting event. However, the best use of essential oils in sports would be their natural capability to enhance concentration and mental focus and for this, you need to use them during aromatherapy sessions.

VedaOils is offering a wide range of high-quality, pure, and natural essential oils that will support your mental and physical being. These oils are obtained after strenuous efforts and are used due to their soothing fragrance and amazing therapeutic properties. You can do your research while selecting an essential oil that is best suited for your game. However, the oils from mint and citrus families might be better than others due to their ability to keep your emotional and mental state stable which is very necessary while performing in sports.

Note: It is not recommended to ingest essential oils unless a doctor or a trained physician recommends it to you.

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