How will Ethereum 2.0 affect the crypto market?

Once Phase 2 of the proposed Eth2 upgrade is successfully implemented, Ethereum will become a completely new thing: Better, faster, more scalable, and more secure. It will surely positively influence the crypto market. For once, the values of ETH will likely rise if all goes well.

How will Eth 2.0 impact ETH users?

ETH users don’t need to worry. After the transition to Ethereum 2.0 is complete, all wallet balances will be carried over. Changing your wallet or transferring your ETH to a new Eth2 wallet is not compulsory.

However, over time, you’d find that it’s better to switch to a better wallet that supports the various new features of Eth2 (for example, staking). As and when needed, you can send your ETH balance to any Eth2 wallet you like in the future.

Ethereum 2.0 - upgrading
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If you’re a miner, then bad news for you. Eth2 will mark the transition of Ethereum from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake, meaning mining will be obsolete. Eth1 will work as a subsystem of Eth2. Now, it’s better to stake your ETH (solo – 32 ETH, or by joining a staking pool on Redot).

The impact of Eth 2.0 on dApps

Developers will have a better time developing dApps on the Eth2 shards. During the transition, the dApps ecosystem will suffer slight disruptions at first.

  • Gas costs for various functions will increase. Writing apps with low witness sizes is recommended so that the gas cost is as low as possible.
  • Developers will also need to download additional code to develop on Eth2 shards. An Eth2 client will be required.
  • The final transition can potentially stop Ethereum for an hour or so. Once done, Eth1 will act as a subsystem within.

That’s it for developers. For the users of dApps and the larger dApp ecosystem itself, hardly anything will be disrupted apart from the 1-hour pause in the chain.

The dApp ecosystem of Eth2 will be much more versatile, fast, efficient, and resilient. dApps will run on specific shards, and not the main Eth2 blockchain.

The impacts of Eth 2.0 on DeFi

DeFi will benefit from the transition to Eth2.

The value of ETH will likely fall before the transition. There will be some amount of stagnation in the ecosystem.

The core principle of DeFi, or decentralized finance, is to disrupt central intermediaries. Financial systems that are controlled and regulated by large central organizations are more prone to being anti-common-people as well as more prone to attacks from malicious hackers.

As such, Eth2 will improve the DeFi scene by allowing more secure, decentralized, efficient, and stable financial application development.

How markets are preparing for Eth 2.0?

The market is sluggish during the slow transition to Eth2. However, scarcity and the promised advancements will increase the value of Eth post-transition.

Many Eth staking pools are working hard to develop a seamless user experience for people newly interested in staking their ETH.

Apart from that, the financial market is anticipating great things from the Eth2 update. If all goes well and the promised infrastructural advancements are foolproof, we can expect a positive market review.

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