Event managers can now log into Eventleaf using their Okta Single Sign-On credentials

Eventleaf, event planning software, has integrated with Okta, a cloud-based identity management software. Now that the integration is live, companies using Okta can initiate two-factor authentication by adding Eventleaf to their Single Sign-On (SSO) technology stack.

Event management software

Event managers are constantly dealing with multiple applications. Still, the reality is that there are independent factors that could complicate the event if the website stops working or the camera no longer has sound.

Among these components, an event manager needs to organize the speakers, logistics, payment, attendees, and many others, throughout the event’s lifecycle, which means the project management, the marketing, the experience, and the event performance from the beginning to the end.

Nowadays, technology offers a practical and efficient solution called event management software, specially designed to promote and execute a successful event without planning many hours.

An event management software gathers all these components together in one single page and shows the user the status of each one of them. A great event management system such as Eventleaf keeps track of invoices, potential attendees, hotel reservations, invitations registrations, and most importantly, the execution, performance, and closure of any event without the need of a large team.

What is Eventleaf?

Eventleaf is an event management system specially designed for event companies and is used for conferences, workshops, meetings, and even trade shows! It allows creating & promoting events, monitoring user registrations and waitlists, and setting up online ticket sales in seconds.

It can also run streamlined Q&As without getting overwhelmed with irrelevant questions. Mediators and admins can filter comments and questions and send them to the speaker for answers.

Jolly Technologies launched Eventleaf in 2016, and as the parent company, it provides cloud-based and desktop software for event management, visitor management, space booking, and hot desk booking. Eventleaf, as an event website, has many features: the main ones among them being—event planning, including agenda, sessions, and speakers; event registration, online payments, touchless check-in, badge printing, and lead retrieval.

Jolly Technologies sticks to its goal of always providing interconnected solutions so that in the end, users can obtain a complete service and achieve performance enhancements for all clients.

This is why it has recently announced a new feature that expands users’ experience into a complete and practical new area that it’s changing the way event management software is working. This feature involves an interconnection with Okta, an innovating software capable of offering a faster solution to maintain security at facilities.

About Okta

When it comes to identity and access management, Okta is a well-known app with more than 100 million users and over 14,000 corporate clients. Being a cloud-based and on-premise platform, it offers single sign-on, universal directory, user management, and multifactor authentication services.

Individuals might use many different apps to complete everyday tasks. For instance, an event manager might have to juggle daily with CRM software, an event management application, social media channels, productivity portals, and several email accounts. Dealing with different log-in details for other apps becomes inefficient and potentially compromises security.

Okta and many other identity management software allow users to log in to all their business apps through a single dashboard with just a touch. With Okta, event managers can choose to get an individual sign-in option for all or some of their business apps. They can do this for all or some of the users. They will no longer have to manually remove or add accounts that the employees used from their CRM, access control, event management, and other business systems. Changes made are directly synced to the Okta directory and are automatically updated across all connected platforms, including Eventleaf.

This integration is the recent addition to the bunch of cloud-to-cloud automation that Eventleaf developers completed recently. The most straightforward app available in the industry now works with the most advanced enterprise applications, including online access control, visitor management, automation, and virtual event software to provide users with a hassle-free and seamless experience.

Jolly Technologies’s visions for the future

Jolly Technologies aims for a world where clients can receive an outstanding service without spending unproductive hours planning a successful event.

To promote and achieve this idea, the company wisely chose to partner with other companies to create a vast network without interfering or challenging them but supporting each other constantly with the client in mind. 

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