Everything to Know about Becoming a Driving Instructor

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If you’ve learned how to drive, then you might already have most of the skills necessary to pass that knowledge onto other people. Becoming a driving instructor is something that requires a little more driving experience, and it means having to contend with a range of hidden costs and hurdles. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Are you eligible to become a driving instructor?

In the UK, driving instructors must be over twenty-one, and have had a license for more than three years. They also need their license to be clean; any motoring convictions will disqualify you, which makes it especially important that you drive sensibly, even when you don’t have a student in the car with you.

What are the training and qualification requirements?

Approved driving instructors will need to pass a three-stage ADI test. There’s a theory component, and then a practical one, and then an instructional one in which your ability to actually convey information is tested. 

You’ll need to pass the third stage within two years of passing the first, or else you’ll need to begin the whole process from the start. You’ll need to know about the Highway Code, the Driving Instructor’s Handbook, and the skills you need to drive effectively. There’s also a hazard perception test to get through. 

Having passed the tests, you’ll have twelve months to register as a driving instructor. You’ll have to contend with a standards check every four years, and to undergo a DBS check every four years.

What’s the average salary of a driving instructor?

A good driving instructor can earn up to £40,000, depending on the number of hours worked and your level of experience. Bear in mind that most driving instructors will need to be able to work during evenings and weekends – since that’s when most students will be available. If you find that this doesn’t match with your lifestyle, then it might be that life as an instructor isn’t right for you.

How much does it cost to become a driving instructor?

You can expect to pay £81 for your theory test, and £111 each for the practical and instructional tests. You’ll have to pay again each time you take the tests, or if the two-year window lapses. So, it’s in your interest to get it right quickly. 

You’ll also need to pay to register for your first ADI certificate. This costs £300. Renewing your registration costs an additional £300, and you’ll need to do it every four years. There’s also the cost of keeping your vehicle on the road – including maintenance, tax and fuel. You can buy tyres online and have them professionally fitted, which should save you a little in the long-term.

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