Everything You Need to Know About iPhone Repair Services!

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphone brands globally and is also one of the most expensive. However, when it comes to repairing any fault on your iPhone, it could burn a hole in your pocket, unless your phone is under warranty.

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The components used in an iPhone are of superior quality and replacing any of those components is surely going to cost you. However, getting it repaired from any third-party repair shop, which is not authorized to repair an iPhone, can even cost you a lot more. Therefore, it is always suggested that you should take an extended warranty for your iPhone or should get it repaired from Apple directly.

Before you give your phone for service and repair, you need to understand a lot of things, as it could turn out very beneficial for you in the long run. Apple has certain policies and suggested precautions that a user should take before providing the phone for repair. Let’s look at a few things that an iPhone user should keep in mind before getting their phone repaired.

Always repair your phone through an authorized store.

It is one of the first things that you should keep in mind while giving your phone for repair. Make sure you select an authorized Apple store for your phone’s repair.

These authorized centers have certified and trained professionals who completely understand the architecture and design of the phone. They make sure that any part of the phone does not get damaged or moves out of place while repairing or checking the device’s fault.

These professionals also make sure that the disassembling and assembling occur properly, where there is no gap or difference in the fitting and finish of the handset.

What if it is under warranty?

If your iPhone is still under warranty and you face any issue in it, you would most probably not require any kind of repair if it’s a manufacturing defect. In most cases, if the phone is under warranty, and there seems to be a defect, Apple will simply replace the device with a new one.

It is one thing that Apple users should know. Apple encourages its users to get an extendable warranty for their Apple devices, especially iPhone. It is better to spend an extra amount on warranty than spending a huge amount on the repair.

Therefore, if your device is under warranty and faces a major issue on the phone, it will probably be replaced with a new one.

Take pictures of your iPhone before submitting it

It is one thing that every smartphone owner should do, regardless of whether it is an iPhone or not. However, if there is an issue on your phone and you will have to submit it for repair, it would be wise to take pictures of your iPhone from every angle to get the complete picture of the outer body.

It is very necessary in cases where your phone gets accidentally damaged while submitted for repair. It would be a very rare case with Apple as they keep the device with utmost care. However, if it ever happens, one would always have the photos to check if the damage like scratch or scuffs were visible before the repair.

You can ask for a spare phone

It is another service Apple provides to its iPhone users if you have to submit your phone for repair. If you do not have a spare phone and have to submit your phone for repair with Apple, they can arrange a spare iPhone for you until your phone is repaired.

This service is great from Apple and assures the customer that their work and another communication-related task will not suffer or be delayed.

In most cases, they would provide you with the same iPhone model, which you have submitted for repair. However, it would generally depend on the availability of the handset with the store.

Go only for authorized independent repair shops

In case there is no genuine authorized Apple store for iPhone repair, then the best options would be to get your iPhone repaired through an independent repair shop, which Apple has authorized.

The number of such independent stores is less. However, there are some in areas where genuine Apple stores are hard to find. You can always find such shops’ details or locate the authorized stores on the Apple website for your country.

Make sure to call the store beforehand before visiting their place and confirm if it is authorized to a service center or store for Apple.

Never buy local parts

if you are getting your phone repaired through a genuine Apple store, then the parts replaced will be genuine Apple parts. However, if you are getting your phone repaired through the local or independent stores that have been authorized by Apple, make sure they are using original Apple parts for replacement.

All parts come with a warranty, information for which is given to the customer after the part is replaced.

Never get your phone repaired through local shops in a warranty.

It is the last and most important thing that one needs to remember. In case your iPhone is still under warranty, and there is an issue with the phone, do not take it to a local mobile repair shop or try to open it yourself.

Doing so will immediately revoke the device’s warranty, and you will have to spend the entire amount for genuine Apple repair.


These are some of the few important things that one needs to know about iPhone Repair Services. It would help the users go through a seamless iPhone repair process and save them from any kind of inconvenience and fraud through local stores.

Just make sure that you always visit a genuine authorized store for your iPhone and use the original Apple components for replacement. It would not only increase the life of your phone but will also keep it safe and running.

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