Everything You Need To Know About Franchising

Franchising offers individuals the chance to become part of a business without the pressures of starting with a business from scratch. You often have the skills to run a business but lack the knowledge and expertise to build a business from scratch or identify a niche that isn’t already exploited. New businesses can also require vast capital investment and huge amounts of work before you begin to trade, let alone see a profit. You may also find that running a profitable business is not as easy as it looks and the time building a reputation and customer base can be lengthy when you are new to the market.

A franchise is undoubtedly not without work and in no way guarantees you a business without putting work in. Still, you do benefit from operating under the license of an established business and brand, which avoids many of the start-up worries a new enterprise from scratch brings. Franchises come in all shapes and sizes, requiring different types of work and commitment levels. You should do your research and look into things such as semi-absentee franchises if you are looking for an opportunity that allows for some free time.

The legalities of a franchise

As a franchise owner, you enter into an agreement with a franchise operator, covering your right to sell a product or service under the franchisor’s business name. You will be expected to pay an initial sum and likely some form of annual licensing fee. The amounts and exact contract terms vary between franchise packages and businesses, so you will need to spend time investigating the deals on offer and perhaps seek legal advice regarding contract terms.

You may also benefit from speaking with companies such as Exciting Futures offering services to help individuals learn more about the franchise and business in a box opportunities available. They are a great place to start your venture into the franchise market and ensure that you are best equipped and understand the profitable franchise opportunities available to start your journey to successful franchise ownership.

The benefits of operating as a franchise

As a franchise, you will benefit from a solid business model that is proven to work well. You will also benefit from a dedicated and exclusive area to carry out the business. You have the franchisor’s support, and they will be there to guide you through setting up and running the business in line with their company goals, values, and procedures. You won’t have to work out how it should be done, the business model has done that for you, yet you will be the owner and face of the business within your area. You will hire staff and manage premises, etc., just as you would with any business you start.

Depending on the actual franchise you choose, the amount of the work and production you do will vary, some companies offer a management style franchise where they still do the production, but you are the face of sales and customer support. Others will require you to make and sell the products or buy in stock from them and store and run all elements of the business, according to varying parameters they set.

These differences will affect the size of premises you need to get started and in some cases, premises may already be chosen or established, so there is a lot to consider. You will have all the benefits of owning your own business, but avoid many uncertainties that starting from scratch can bring. Financing is one area that can benefit from having the business model of a franchise. Lenders can see that their funds will be used to further build an already established and successful model rather than take a risk on an unknown.  Some franchise operators also can assist with identifying available funding sources for you.

So as you can see, opting to invest in a franchise will still give you a new business that is yours to run and make a success of, yet you have an established brand’s support and expertise behind you and a business model that is already proven to give you a head start.

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