Everything You Need To Know About Tesla Med Beds

Tesla MedBed

Would you like to restore your health condition and lead a healthy painless life? Here’s the in-built artificial intelligence system that can scan, diagnose, manage, and even prevent the onset of health issues. And the name of this system is called “medbed” or “med bed” which uses Nikola Tesla technology.

This AI-based healing technology is the real wonder of advanced medicine and is heralded as the “sci-fi frequency medicine of the future”. Wondering why? This article covers the significance, principle, benefits, conditions treated, and treatment duration in detail.

What is a Tesla med bed?

Tesla MedBed technology is considered the future of healthcare that helps to ensure your overall health condition. By generating a field of restorative life force energy, MedBed offers a natural and powerful solution to promote cellular self-repair. Thus, the FDA-registered Tesla MedBed generators are effective, safe, and natural.

However, these MedBeds are not electrical medical beds. It is based on quantum technology to heal your body using artificial intelligence.

There are three types of MedBeds:

  • Holographic MedBed
  • Regeneration MedBed
  • Rejuvenation and regression MedBed

Would you like to know the differences between all these types? Learn about the types of med beds here or by looking up in-depth studies to help you out.

How do Tesla Medbeds Work?

The portable in-home medical device named Tesla Medbed is built around the principles of quantum healing as well as quartz crystal healing. This innovative combination helps in providing a precise diagnosis by detecting minute differences in electrical signals sent from one body part to another.

Tesla Med beds work when two frequencies align in a square waveform with a 50 percent duty cycle. While using artificial intelligence (AI), you don’t have to choose waveform, volts, or amps. The AI will take care of all that.

The mode of action of Tesla Med beds involves the following three steps:

  • Full body scan
  • Analysis of health issues if any. Having lesser energy potential in a cell leads to health issues.
  • Treatment through frequency emission

Nearly, hundreds of diseases and conditions are mapped in a database containing 10000+ unique frequency patterns. To analyze your scan results, multiple algorithms will be created, correlated with the existing database, determine the cause of illness, and finally deliver appropriate treatment.

For instance, patients with cancer always have low-energy cells of less than 15 millivolts. Medbed produces tesla waves that could significantly increase the energy potential of body cells by up to 70 millivolts. This increase in energy potential is believed to heal cancer and prevent its dissemination to other regions of your body.

These med beds resemble CT scan devices or MRI machines where you can just lay inside and receive potential healing energy. Simply put, electromagnetic energy precisely interacts with the target to heal. These waves not only diagnose the root causes of your problems but address them naturally.

Benefits of Tesla Med Beds

Tesla’s healing coil is the major component of a MedBed that can significantly reduce inflammation and stress. It also purifies and detoxifies your body by increasing energy within your body. The use of natural Tesla frequencies harnesses life force energy to improve energy level and cellular function, regenerate limbs, as well as reverse aging.

As we age, it’s not that easy to wake up in a refreshing manner. You need deep sleep to recharge both your body and mind. Having high-quality sleep can offer pain relief, increase immunity, and improve cognitive function and memory.

You don’t have to struggle while getting in and out of bed. MedBed easily avoids slips and falls. Sleeping in a proper posture with horizontal and vertical adjustable features can help you elevate partially and breathe easily. You may not even snore. Surprising, isn’t it?

Other benefits of Tesla MedBeds include:

  • Promotes blood circulation, detoxification, and nutritional intake
  • Increases cellular ATP level to produce energy
  • Promotes natural healing through cellular repair
  • Increases immunity, sleep quality, and mental focus
  • Acts as an antidepressant by calming down nerves and emotions
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Manages blood pressure level

Conditions treated by Tesla med beds

Tesla Med beds can manage or treat conditions like:

  • Aging
  • Muscle and bone repair
  • Allergies
  • Fatigue
  • Cell rejuvenation
  • Limb regrowth
  • Heavy metal detoxification
  • DNA and RNA repair
  • Promotes peace and calmness
  • Mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc.

For more information, learn about other conditions managed by med beds here.

Treatment Course and Duration 

Depending on the patient’s condition, the treatment can range from 30 minutes to one hour. All you have to do is just lie on the MedBed. During this session, the life force energy field will get activated so that it will be used by your body cells naturally.

Usually, the more you get exposed to the life force energy field, the better your condition. Usually, doctors recommend 4-5 consecutive sessions per week.

These Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-registered Class II Tesla MedBeds are aimed at treating illnesses like chronic pain, diabetes, cancer, dementia, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

As reported in the 2018 survey article published in the BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, med beds can be integrated into patient monitoring and care delivery while providing a better environment for patients. 

Final Thoughts

Tesla MedBed, in short, scans your body, diagnoses the health issue, and treats it. Hence, it proves to be an effective non-invasive treatment method to promote your overall health and wellness.

Although this MedBed was designed especially for elders keeping their needs in mind, it can be used by anyone.

You can adjust this MedBed into multiple infinite positions including sleep position, sit-up bed for watching TV, chair position for eating food, and stand-up position where the bed lifts slowly and its bottom part curls inward to stand safely on the floor. It’s that simple!

It’s high time that you should experience the utmost safety and independence you deserve with the high-quality Tesla MedBed. 

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