Everything You Should Know About Mobile Marketing & SEO

According to the survey, most of the time, 91% of people have their mobile handset within a 3-meter radius. Also, more people search on Google using their smartphones than desktop devices.That shows the importance of mobile marketing for businesses who want to drive maximum leads and sales.

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Google’s algorithm also states the significance of SEO and mobile marketing for getting higher rankings for business websites. Thus, you should include mobile SEO marketing in your on-going business plan.

However, what is mobile marketing and search engine optimisation? How to know if mobile marketing is suitable for a particular business or not? Get answers to all your questions here in this article.

What is Mobile Marketing and SEO?

Mobile marketing and SEO means mobile search engine optimisation. And mobile SEO marketing means getting your business site within reach of every people who are using the smartphone. Before you begin mobile SEO marketing, below are few needs to be fulfilled by you.

  • Have a responsive site so that when people search for a particular service or product using any device, they should be able to see in the best form.
  • Ensure to have fast mobile loading times to provide a positive user experience. Also, use analytical software to get data for your mobile SEO campaign.

After considering all these requirements mentioned above, now it’s time to grow your customers with mobile SEO marketing which includes creating content to make it stand out online. Your mobile content strategy should include creating snackable content which is easier for the reader to consume and share.

But how to avoid SEO penalties while successfully running mobile marketing campaign? Here SEO management agency can assist you with all your search engine queries. Else consider below mentioned white-hat mobile SEO ideas. It helps you prevent search engine penalties while boosting your brands’ online presence.

Top 5 SEO Ideas for Mobile Marketing

  1. Create Google My Business (GMB) account

Being a business owner, consider the most effective mobile marketing strategy, i.e., creating Google My Business account. You need to fill the details on your business and add high-quality pictures into your GMG account. It will help your business name to appear in front of people when they search for the keyword related to your brand. Thus, think of using Google My Business for mobile marketing.

  1. Rely on social media

Social media is another marketing tactic that helps you enhance the online visibility of your business. As per the report, mobile users are spending most of their time on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. These sites can bring massive traffic to your business site. Thus, post relevant quality content or videos to different social media channels to help your brand to stand out.

  1. Consider plug-ins for mobile SEO

If your business website is developed on WordPress or it uses other content management system, then use different plug-ins to make your mobile site more user-friendly. WordPress provides several plug-ins to optimise images or take care of other vital mobile SEO factors. For example, WPtouch is the renowned WordPress plug-in that helps you create a Google-approved mobile website. All in all, consider these plug-ins to build a mobile-friendly site.

  1. Use keywords for mobile users

It is the fact that the people who use mobile handset they search differently as compared to desktop users. Thus, it is vital to optimised your content for mobile keyword search phrases to present your piece of blog or article in front of the right people. Here you can find the right tools to search the long-tailored and high-volume keywords for your content. However, you can search keyword comparisons with the help of Google’s Search Console.

  1. Improve page loading time

When you want to go for mobile SEO, page loading time is one of the most critical problems. That’s because people get frustrated when they land to slow websites while searching for something on their mobile phones. Many factors define your page loading time. Some of the tools and plug-ins which can help you improve the loading of your mobile web pages are Gzip compression, Image optimisation and Google Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Final Words

According to the Google introduced mobile-first index system, user experience is must for mobile users and so prioritising mobile-friendly websites is must. The new indexing system will look first into the mobile version of your business site to decide on ranking position. When you don’t have a mobile version of your website, your site can be drop out from the search engine result pages. But, with mobile SEO marketing, you can achieve a higher ranking while boosting annual revenue.

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