Tips for Executing a Picture-Perfect Proposal

Everyone gets a handful of special moments in their life. Usually, we refer to these as “once in a lifetime” occasions. It can be anything from graduation to a child being born. One of these huge life moments is getting engaged. Proposals have become an extravagant and truly special event. What used to be a private exchange of jewelry has turned into a big show of affection.

Maybe you are in a position where you have found the love of your life and you’re ready to take that next step in your relationship. Follow these simple tips for executing a picture-perfect proposal to create that special “once in a lifetime“ experience for your fiancé.

First, the Ring

The star of the proposal is, of course, your partner and the love the two of you share. However, there is a very critical supporting character: the engagement ring. The ring is, of course, a huge investment that stands as a symbol of your love for the rest of your lives. You don’t want to make this decision lightly. Choosing an engagement ring may require a bit of a crash course in diamonds.

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Picture-perfect proposal 121I’m sure you’ve heard of the 4 C’s of diamond jewelry: cut, carat, clarity, and color. These refer to the shape, weight, perfection, and shade of the diamond. You want to make sure you’re giving your future fiancé something that stands out and best fits their personality. Chances are our partners may already have an idea of what they want. Feel free to check in with their friends to see if they have any insight. At least you can get a beginner’s idea of the style and look they like most.

What many people don’t realize is all the different ways diamonds can be made. Historically, diamond mining has been associated with some bad practices. So in recent years, the industry moved away from using only mined diamonds and developed new alternatives. Perhaps you will opt for a synthetic diamond or a diamond simulant.

The benefit to lab-created diamond engagement rings is the guarantee of beautiful and ethically sourced diamond jewelry. Plus you have a bit more flexibility to create custom engagement rings. So go with the white gold piece with a custom-cut teardrop ring! You have the flexibility to create a piece that is just as beautiful and unique as your love story.

Next, the Moment

All proposals are unique to the couple themselves. It is important thing that you create a memorable and special moment for your specific story. For example, are you more of a private couple or do you need to flaunt your love to the world? Do you have any places or memories that are special to your relationship? Can you try and recreate those for your perfect proposal?

There are plenty of romantic and unique proposal ideas. It could be as simple as a picnic in the park or as elaborate as a lip dub video. You’ve probably seen all the amazing videos of cool proposals online, so feel free to check those out for inspiration.

Also, remember that moments are best experienced when they are shared with those we love. Perhaps you want to include your family and close friends on your special day. Even if you start out with a private proposal, maybe end the day with a group of family and friends to celebrate.

Last, Preserve the Memory

A ”once in a lifetime” moment doesn’t need to stay in that one moment forever. If you have the means, definitely take steps to preserve this moment forever. Through pictures or even a video, you’ll want to capture the love and surprise of this special memory forever.

Picture-perfect proposal 131You can go as far as hiring a professional photographer or take your own digital photos. But you have to make sure you have a great way to preserve these memories forever. Sometimes just trusting an internal hard drive, SD card, or disk drive isn’t enough. It’s a good idea to have some sort of digital photo storage device. This also allows you to share your digital images in a more efficient way. You can send a link to your photo storage to family and friends across the country. Your special moment will be so beautiful, so be sure you remember it in a beautiful way.

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