Executive Search Poland – the best candidates for your company

Recruiting for a specialized position is not an easy task. Preparing recruitment advertisements, reviewing candidates’ resumes, attending recruitment meetings and intreviews – it takes a lot of valuable time, but also costs a lot. Many people think that since a company employs its own recruitment specialist or has its own HR department, it can handle any recruitment, for any position. Unfortunately, this is not so obvious. When looking for high-level specialists, the best solution will be to hire an external executive search consultant. This solution has many advantages. The list is very long, but among the most important positive factors are time savings and reduced expenses. Using the services of the Sowelo recruitment agency which offers, among others, Executive Search Poland, means access to exceptional resources that are unfortunately beyond the reach of the company’s HR team.

Executive Search Poland – the key to success

As we have already mentioned, entrusting the recruitment procedure of high-class specialists to Sowelo’s independent consultants is a tangible benefit for any company. Sowelo headhunters know where to look for specialists. They can also convince those who are not currently considering changing jobs. Cooperation with Sowelo makes it possible to avoid bad hires, i.e. hiring the wrong people, and thus spending unnecessarily large amounts of money. Experienced consultants offering recruitment services for a long time know how to reach highly sought-after talents, candidates who represent narrow specializations. Cooperation means not only avoiding the negative consequences of hiring the wrong employees, but also saves time and energy that can be spent on business.

Moreover, professional headhunters can do much more than employees from HR departments. They have invaluable contacts, which are crucial when recruiting for specialized positions. They are perceived by candidates as independent, more trustworthy and inspire a positive attitude. They attract hard-to-get candidates who don’t actually look for a job and don’t browse recruitment ads. Even a casual, non-committal conversation with an external Executive Search Poland specialist from Sowelo often makes a hitherto completely uninterested candidate decide to move from one company to another.

Avoid recruitment failures

Recruitment often means failures, i.e. ending up hiring the wrong person. We have to be aware that the money spent is simply wasted. And it’s not even just about the salary of the people hired. After a few months they turn out to be completely unsuitable for the position. The stakes are much higher. For it is about the company’s image, its development and the far-reaching effects affecting its future operations.

As many as 89% of recruitment failures are related to the inappropriate attitude of newly hired employees. Dishonesty, uncooperativeness, unreliability in performing assigned tasks – this kind of behavior has negative consequences for the company. Warning signals usually appear during job interviews, but are often ignored by recruiters. However, they do not escape the attention of Sowelo consultants offering best talent search and selection. Having years of experience and dozens of recruiting assignments, they know what to pay attention to during recruitment, and are aware of the serious consequences of bad hires.

Sowelo consultants have already sourced specialists not only from the IT sector, but also from other major industries such as Financial Services, Biotech, Healthcare, Insurance, Banking and Finance, Investment Funds or Ecommerce. For more details of the offer you can check at https://sowelo.eu/services/executive-search-direct-search/

If you decide to cooperate with Sowelo, you can be sure of being offered flexible solutions and a customized approach prepared according to your individual needs. All in all, chances of getting the most sought-after talents get much higher.

Executive Search Poland – what’s in Sowelo’s service package?

The Executive Search service package offered by the Sowelo recruitment agency ensures a quick and efficient search for the best candidates. In close cooperation with the client, headhunters first define the profile of the candidate the company is looking for. Next they contact the candidates. Those who perfectly match the competency profiles provided by the client or accepted by the client are invited for interviews. The best ones move on to the next stage, which is presentation to the client. The client decides which of them he wants to sign an employment contract with.

Thanks to the use of an individualized recruitment strategy, it is possible to reach the most sought-after specialists in a given industry on the market. Clients receive information about the candidate’s strengths, experience and career path. They also know in advance what areas of the candidate’s knowledge need improvement and can plan training.

An important part in the cooperation with the client is the 6-month guarantee. Sowelo offers it as part of its Executive Search Poland service. Under this guarantee, the company helps find a new candidate for the position if the proposed candidate fails and is rejected by the client or resigns on his own. At no additional cost, Sowelo will then take care of finding another candidate with competencies according to the client’s requirements.