Expecting a new arrival? Your guide to a large family car

If you suddenly find yourself in need of a large family car, you’ve got loads of choices. Whether you’re looking at new or 2nd hand cars, in this list, we’ll cover big five-seaters and those that can carry seven, should said new arrival be your third or fourth child.

Don’t forget to check the DVLA website for information on tax whether you’re a private buyer or a business. Pick the right car and you could save a pretty penny.

Citroen C5 X

With a starting price well below £30k, the C5 X is a large and comfortable family car available with a range of economical engines. An inviting interior and large boot also appeal, although the plug-in’s cargo capacity is a fair bit smaller.

Lexus NX

Available with self-charging or plug-in hybrid engines, the NX is a classy and efficient family SUV choice. The PHEV’s 42-mile electric-only range is good for the class, pushing costs down for company car users.


The X5 might not be cheap, but you certainly get plenty of choice. With petrol, diesel, a plug-in hybrid with over 60 miles of range and even a rapid V8 M version, you’re sorted for engines and there’s the choice of five or seven seats, too.

Skoda Superb Estate

Estates don’t come much bigger than the Superb, and it’s usefully cheaper than similarly sized wagons like the BMW 5 Series Touring and Mercedes E-Class. The boot’s massive, the rear seats are palatial and there’s a great choice of engines, too.

Kia Sorento

Not only does the Sorento offer seven seats as standard, the hybrids don’t lose out on the third row unlike many rivals. Four-wheel drive is available, and there’s also a diesel for those that need to tow or value long distance economy.


If the X5 is just too small and spartan inside, try the X7. The third row really is suitable for adults and the level of luxury on offer is quite something. Issues? Well, it’s rather expensive and it’s not exactly a looker, either.

Tesla Model X

If you’re committed to the electric cause, the Model X lets you and six others share the electric dream. The third row isn’t the most spacious, but you do get the kind of acceleration that’ll make everyone’s vision go blurry.

Mercedes EQB

Model X a bit too pricey? Why not try the EQB? It’s tens of thousands cheaper yet still has three rows of seats and is certainly quick enough. With a plush interior and comfortable ride, it’s an ideal electric family car.

Volkswagen Multivan

If you think the Multivan looks like a big box, you’d be right. The good news is that you get loads of space inside and it’s pretty good to drive. Diesel, petrol and plug-in hybrid engines are all available, although electric fans will need to look at the ID.Buzz instead.

Dacia Jogger

Put simply, the Dacia Jogger is a proper seven-seater for Ford Fiesta money. Don’t expect much in the way of luxuries, but you get the kit you really need while there’s something refreshing about the no-nonsense interior and infotainment.