Experience the Psychedelic Benefits of Amanita Gummies

Experience the uplifting power of the revered amanita mushroom in a sweet and tasty gummy supplement. This potent blend of amanita extract and natural flavors delivers euphoric benefits like enhanced cognition and boosted immunity.

Featuring 500mg of premium amanita fruiting body extract and 5mg of muscimol, these gummies are made in the USA and align with federal legality standards. Beginners can ease into exploration with a recommended starting dose of half a gummy.

Mild Psychoactive Effects

While the fly agaric mushroom has long captured people’s imaginations, it’s only recently made its way into the wellness industry in gummy form. The mushroom’s psychedelic effects come from two primary compounds: muscimol and ibotenic acid. These chemicals have distinct psychoactive properties, and the intensity of their effects can vary from person to person.

Compared to more potent mushrooms that contain psilocybin, amanita gummies offer a more balanced experience with a calming effect. These gummies don’t feel like a trip, but they do create a peaceful headspace without any of the uncomfortable side effects.

Amanita chocolates are perfect for beginners looking to ease into the world of hallucinogens. Their fast-acting properties allow you to control your dosage and find your sweet spot quickly. With flavors such as Exoclub and Watermelon, these gummies are easy on the stomach and taste great too. They’re also a great choice for those who want to avoid synthetic additives and fillers that can be found in many other supplements.


For those who want to enjoy the relaxing benefits of amanita without taking an extended trip, amanita gummies provide an ideal option. They are designed to elicit a more mild psychoactive experience than other products on the market. Users report feeling a sense of euphoria and relaxation after consumption.

Additionally, these gummies can help with stress relief and provide an overall sense of well-being. Some consumers claim that these gummies also help them achieve more balanced sleep patterns.

The amanita mushrooms in these gummies contain natural ingredients and have no artificial coloring or flavors. They are also lab-tested and Farm Bill-compliant. This product contains no psilocybin, but it does contain muscimol and ibotenic acid, which have similar psychedelic effects to psilocybin. It is recommended that new users begin with a small dose of these gummies and slowly increase their dosage over time. The gummies are available in multiple flavors and sizes, with different options providing varying levels of potency.

Enhanced Sensory Perception

As well as promoting relaxation and improving sleep quality, amanita gummies can also offer a range of psychedelic effects. Muscimol and ibotenic acid interact with GABA receptors to induce hallucinogenic results. Unlike the more powerful psilocybin, these compounds do not have an excitatory effect on your brain. However, at higher doses (2-3 gummies), they can produce visual and auditory hallucinations.

With so many amanita gummy options on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones to choose. However, reading customer reviews can help you narrow down your choices. By paying attention to recurring comments about the quality of ingredients, potency and overall experience, you can find a product that suits your needs.

For a safe and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of amanita mushrooms, try MN Nice Botanicals’ euphoric mushroom gummies. These contain 350mg of amanita extract per gummy and are naturally flavoured with pectin, sugar, tapioca syrup, water, citric acid, natural colours, and ibotenic acid.

Physical Benefits

The red polka dot umbrella-looking Amanita muscaria mushroom has been a staple in ancient cultures for its spiritual and psychedelic properties. Its psychotropic components, muscimol and ibotenic acid, induce relaxation and a heightened sense of wellbeing. It’s also renowned for stimulating sensory buzzes, enhancing colors and sounds, and provoking trippy visuals that captivate the mind.

Muscimol and ibotenic act like GABA in the brain, inhibiting neurotransmitters that can trigger anxiety and fear. In contrast, amanita mushrooms enhance serotonin receptors in the brain, leading to feelings of euphoria and relaxation. The intensity of the effects varies between users, so it’s important to start with a low dose and monitor your reaction before increasing it. Amanita gummies offer a convenient, safe, and legal way to experience this magical mushroom. Made in the USA, these gummies are vegan-friendly and adhere to federal legality standards. Each gummy features 500mg of Amanita muscaria fruiting body extract and 5mg of muscimol for an enhanced, psychoactive experience.

Disclaimer: Please check the legal status of Amanita in your jurisdiction. We also strongly advise talking to your doctor before taking these.