Explore Careers in Highest-Paying Industries

You want to work in a field that complements your passion. But, if you’re like most folks, you want to travel down a route that will bring profitable chances not just now but for decades (or centuries!) to come. It means forgoing jobs in basic industries and picking a high-paying profession that is currently prevalent and in need for the foreseeable future.

Nothing is definite, as the most recent estimates, which utilize historical data models until 2019, do not account for the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics’ economic forecasts can provide a solid picture of the long-term path of a broad spectrum of jobs.

Top 7 Careers in Highest Paying Industries

Let’s explore careers in the highest-paying industries.

Data Scientist 

  • Average Salary: Approx. $98,230

Data scientists construct the mechanisms that allow businesses to acquire, organize, and analyze data—and then use that information to make business decisions.

Depending on the organization’s demands, the role may entail executing data trials, deploying analytical models and algorithms, generating data products, and refining frameworks to boost efficacy and generate better business outcomes.

The Information System Manager (IS) 

  • Average Salary: Approx. $151,151

Information systems managers (often called I.S. managers) create and manage an organization’s information systems. They usually hold a senior-level position within a company’s information technology (I.T.) division.

They have the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Evaluating the company’s current technology.
  • Staying current on available updates and best practices.
  • Establishing an information systems strategic plan.
  • Providing recommendations on anything from software to hardware to security.
  • Supervising a team to enact their procedures and guidelines.

The Registered Nurse (RN)

  • Average Salary: Approx. $75, 330

Registered nurses (RNs) offer medical care and assistance to patients in a wide range of sites (including hospitals, doctor’s offices, surgical centers, nursing facilities, schools, and patients’ homes) and specializations (for instance, emergency care, pediatrics, or oncology).

Nurses may perform a wide range of patient-related responsibilities, from monitoring the patient to providing medicine to aiding with procedures, based on where they serve, their field of specialty, and the requirements of their patients.

They also gather medical histories, keep medical records up to date, monitor equipment, and educate and interact with patients.

The Marketing Managers 

  • Average Salary: Approx. $141, 490

Marketing managers spread the word about an item, service, occasion, company, and more. They persuade customers that it is worthwhile to buy, attend, follow, and so on.

Some marketing managers are generalists, while others specialize in a particular type of marketing—content marketing, email campaigns, digital marketing, e-commerce, or SEO and branding.

Marketing managers continue developing, implementing, and optimizing strategies and campaigns to raise awareness, engage customers, and increase revenue or other conversions.

Most marketing professionals have a business degree in marketing or a closely related field.

The Technical Writers 

  • Average Salary: Approx. $74,650

Technical writers translate complex technical ideas into language that laypeople can understand, whether in academic journals, educational resources, video screenplays, tutorials, instruction booklets, or inquiry sites.

That means they must contact the individuals who develop and manufacture the appropriate equipment and materials, for instance, to comprehend the intricacies of what they’re writing about and establish what type of documentation is required. Their target audience could be coworkers, customers, clients, or the general public.

Certifications in English, communication, or a similar discipline are standard among technical writers.

Sales Engineer

  • Average Salary: Approx. $108,830

As the term indicates, sales engineers work in a hybrid job combining characteristics including sales and technology.

Sales engineers generally work for businesses that offer clients complicated technological goods or services. Sales engineers collaborate with clients to examine existing systems and design tailored solutions to meet customer needs.

They present and pitch to clients, close and renew deals, install software or equipment, and provide support after the tech is used.

The Physical Assistant (PA) 

  • Average Salary: Approx. $115,390

A physician assistant (or PA) is a trained medical worker who offers routine patient care. Like a medical doctor (MD), a physician assistant may assess, diagnose, treat patients, prescribe medicines, and design treatment programs.

However, unlike physicians, who can function autonomously, P.A.s must be overseen by an M.D. P.A.s can work in several venues (such as doctors’ practices and hospitals) and specializations (from initial care to surgery).

It is crucial to stick to what you’re passionate about. Many other fields pay similar to these highest paying industries, such as mining, finance, and more. Find what you’re passionate about and follow your dreams.

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