Exploring the Benefits of ABC Fire Extinguishers

It’s time to consider replacing your aging fire extinguishers with new ones. Before you do anything, take the time to learn more about what ABC fire extinguishers have to offer. Here are a few of the benefits that you may find especially helpful.

Appropriate for Use With Different Types of Fires

The name of the ABC fire extinguisher indicates that it will prove helpful with different types of fires. The “A” confirms that it will do well with Class A flammable materials like wood or paper. The “B” indicates that it will allow you to tackle liquids, solvents, and gases that are burning. The “C” is proof that the extinguisher is effective when dealing with an electrical fire.

In other words, this kind of extinguisher will come in handy with most types of fires that are likely to happen within the workplace. That’s a versatile quality you want to have on hand.

Available in Hand-Held Designs

Some extinguishers can be difficult to manage due to the size of weight. With fire extinguishers ABC, you do have choices. Many of the hand-held units are no more than a few pounds. The size also makes it easier to hold, aim, and use them in an emergency situation. That means a lot when the idea is to keep a fire at bay as employees vacate the area.

Don’t allow the smaller stature fool you. The ABC extinguisher contains enough materials to put out smaller fires and keep the damage to the facility to a minimum. As with many other types of extinguishers, it’s easy enough to arrange for them to be recharged when necessary.

And in Larger Wheeled Designs

Along with the smaller extinguishers that you can have mounted in strategic spots around the facility, you can also invest in larger units. It’s possible to purchase ABC rated fire extinguishers that are mounted on wheels. These units are available in sizes of up to 350 pounds. That provides a lot of help in terms of dealing with fire and preventing it from spreading.

Along with being portable, these larger extinguishers are designed for easy storage. Place them in secure settings where authorized personnel can get to them with ease. That will ensure the response when a fire breaks out is quick and free of any delay.

Increasing the Safety of Your Employees

The primary point of investing in this type of multi-purpose dry chemical fire extinguisher is to ensure the safety of your employees. Given the versatile nature of the device, they can contain most fires while everyone exits the space and gathers at a designated safe spot. The seconds that using the extinguishers buy help to reduce the potential for injuries as well as something worse.

As a secondary focus, the quick action of these extinguishers will help to prevent fires from spreading to more areas and causing damage to equipment and machinery. In that way, they also help to ensure your employees have workspaces that they can return to once it’s safe.

Are you in the market for new fire extinguishers? Take a moment and check out the options offered at herbertwilliams.com today. You’re sure to find something that’s just right for your business.

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