Exploring the Job Opportunities for Those With an Online RN to BSN Degree

If you’ve been contemplating a career in nursing, consider exploring the job opportunities available to you with an online RN to BSN degree. You can earn up to 30 percent more per year, prepare yourself for a leadership role, and take your skill set to the next level.

Programs are Available Online

Online BSN programs are designed to help working nurses gain the skills needed to advance their careers. They provide a means of completing coursework online and can lead to a BSN in one year.

These programs can be completed part-time or full-time, giving students more flexibility. They can also save money by not having to commute to campus. The cost will vary from program to program.

All online BSN programs require a registered nurse license in good standing. Students must also complete an equivalency exam. Depending on the school, the program may include specialized courses.

Earn 30 Percent More Per Year

If you are a registered nurse looking to advance your career, consider looking into online RN to BSN programs in Texas. An online RN to BSN degree will allow you to obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing, which increases your salary and job prospects.

An RN to BSN degree will also help you qualify for leadership roles in the healthcare industry. While many nurses with an ADN or RN diploma earn about $84,894 annually, the average BSN-trained nurse earns nearly $105,000, which translates into an increase of 30 percent in annual income.

The amount of time it takes to complete an RN to BSN program will vary depending on your familiarity with the curriculum. Some programs are two or three years long, while others require less than a semester’s worth of coursework. You will also need to factor in your schedule. For example, if you want to work while you study, you will need to choose a program that offers a flexible schedule.

Enhance Skills

The online RN to BSN degree program is a flexible, career-focused program that will equip you with the critical skills you need to advance in the healthcare industry. Whether you’re interested in becoming an advanced nurse or pursuing a more challenging role, a BSN can help you enhance your job performance and salary.

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree prepares you for the healthcare industry’s challenges in the coming years. You’ll develop various critical skills, including leadership, case management, and critical thinking, and learn about the social determinants of health and public policy.

You’ll explore the theory of nursing, health education, case management, and epidemiology. Your coursework will also address cultural influences on health behavior and the social, political, and economic factors that affect population health. In addition to developing new skills, you’ll improve your current nursing knowledge.

There are many different online BSN programs available. Some programs require taking prerequisite courses at regionally or nationally accredited schools.

Prepare for a Leadership Role

RNs looking to enhance their leadership skills can consider enrolling in an online RN to BSN program. These programs help you develop communication and advocacy skills, which can be beneficial in many leadership positions.

Nurses with a BSN degree have scientific and clinical knowledge that will prepare them for leadership roles. They also have advanced-level skills in communication, conflict resolution, and advocacy. A BSN can also make nurses more marketable.

Nurses who want to expand their nursing career and increase their earning potential should consider an RN to BSN online program. Online RN to BSN programs offer a variety of benefits, such as allowing nurses to work with their peers, learning more about the field, and developing their research skills.

An RN to BSN degree can be completed in one year or as little as ten months. Some RN to BSN programs also allow students to complete the course while continuing to work.