Exploring the Landscape: A Comprehensive US GPT Sites List

As the economy continues to cause financial strain for many Americans, side hustles and alternative income streams are more important than ever. One option that has exploded in popularity recently is GPT sites, or “get-paid-to” websites where you can earn money for completing simple online tasks. From taking surveys and playing games to testing products and even shopping online, GPT sites allow regular people to begin earning extra cash quickly and easily.

But with new sites popping up, how do you know which ones are legitimate and pay users consistently? Where should you focus your time to maximize your earnings? This post will provide a comprehensive list and overview of the top GPT sites available to users in the US GPT sites list.


Swagbucks, one of the most well-known GPT platforms, has paid over $500 million to more than 20 million users for watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, shopping online, and more. They offer many ways to earn cash back and points (“Swagbucks”) that can be redeemed for gift cards or through PayPal.

  • Pros: Excellent variety of earning activities, high TrustPilot rating, available worldwide
  • Cons: A large user base means some surveys get filled up quickly.


Owned by Swagbucks’s parent company, InboxDollars also provides a long list of opportunities to earn. Users can accumulate cash earnings over time by reading emails, taking surveys, playing games, referrals, and more. Payments are issued weekly if you meet the $30 minimum threshold.

  • Pros: one of the highest paying survey sites, lots of games, and email opt-ins to increase earnings
  • Cons: weekly cash out minimum is higher than some competitors.


As its name suggests, SurveyJunkie specializes in providing lots of online surveys for users to share their opinions and get paid. With over 6 million members and an A rating on BBB, SurveyJunkie vets their survey providers thoroughly to ensure users have a smooth, rewarding experience. Cash-out starts at just $5.

  • Pros: Focus on surveys makes completing offers quick and straightforward, low cash out minimum
  • Cons: There is less variety in earning activities compared to other GPT platforms.

Fetcher Rewards

Fetch Rewards has a unique model, one of the fastest-growing newcomers in 2022. Users earn points by snapping photos of and scanning their grocery/retail receipts. These points translate into gift cards for popular merchants or can be withdrawn as cash to Paypal.

  • Pros: Completely passive earning after uploading receipts, lots of gift card redemption options
  • Cons: Limited to grocery/retail receipts for point opportunities.


If you enjoy playing mobile games as a hobby, Mistplay pays you to keep doing what you love. Their app provides cash rewards for trying new games and leveling current games. Gift cards come in $5, $10, and $25 denominations.

  • Pros: Earning by playing games on your phone is extremely convenient and enjoyable
  • Cons: Limited to mobile game offers, rewards take a while to build up.


One of the earliest GPT platforms (founded in 1999), Rakuten facilitates earning cash back for online purchases from over 3,500 top retailers. Access each store through the Rakuten browser extension or portal when shopping online to receive between 1-20% of your purchase amount as cash back.

  • Pros: Earn passively on spending you already do at no extra cost, regular large % cash back bonuses
  • Cons: Need to wait for quarterly payment if under $5 earned.

There are certainly more GPT platforms operating in the US, but this list covers some of the most popular and reputable options that offer multiple ways to make each day.

Why GPT Sites Are Worth Your Time

Now that we’ve covered some top sites for earning, what kinds of upside do these platforms offer? Here are a few of the most significant benefits:

Immediate earnings: Most GPT platforms allow cash out of payments within days (some even instantly). Given the growing gig economy, people want faster access to money they’ve worked for.

Low commitment: Most opportunities on GPT sites take less than 30 minutes per day but can generate $50-100+ monthly as supplemental income. The flexible, low-commitment nature makes it possible to use during breaks or downtime.

Easy startup: Signing up for GPT sites and starting to earn generally requires very minimal personal information. Once registered, users can often dive right into making through activities/offers.

Variety: Between taking surveys, watching videos, testing products, playing games, and online shopping for cash back, users enjoy a diverse range of earning methods to stave off boredom.

Security: Reputable platforms ensure user details are safe and offer legitimate protection from identity theft or financial risk. As long as basic internet safety precautions are followed, GPT presents a low risk.

For anyone looking to pad their income during turbulent economic periods (or anytime!), GPT sites deliver flexible earning opportunities with instant payouts and minimal commitment needed. They won’t replace full-time income but make great side hustles. Just monitor time spent so it can stay in the way of higher priorities.

Within the ever-changing GPT landscape, newcomers and outdated sites fade while reputable staples evolve to provide reliable earning activities for their loyal users. Be sure to check site reviews and ratings often as you evaluate new GPT platforms.

This detailed overview gives you a trustworthy starting point to pick and choose sites strategically based on what interests you and pays you the highest rate per time spent. Mix and match a few favorites to maximize your side earnings! Feel free to share any GPT experiences of your own in the comments below.