Exploring the Latest Trends in Parking Tile Design 

Once you are done designing the interior of your focus, spend some time designing the outdoors as well. Outdoor space deserves equal, in fact, more importance and attention than the interiors as the outdoors are going to set the first impression of your house. 

For outdoor space, gather ideas and inspirations for your parking space, and explore parking tile options. These parking tiles can be made of different materials and can be of different designs as well. You can pick out the parking tiles as per your convenience and designs. 

Here are some of the most common ideas for your parking tiles, and points that are to be considered before picking out the perfect parking tiles for your parking space. Let’s dive in. 

Different Materials of Parking Tiles

Parking tiles or any other tiles for that matter can be categorised into three main categories depending on the material used. 

  • Glaze Vitrified Tiles: These tiles are the best option to be installed for wall and home applications. These are available in matt finish which can be installed in bathroom and kitchen floors. Furthermore, these are a great option to be added to the living room as well. These tiles go through a process of glazing which is a non-porous layer. 
  • Unglazed Tiles: Unglazed tiles are made of clay and other natural minerals that help them to keep their natural characteristics. These tiles have an earthy natural finish, offering a rustic and earthy appearance to the tiles and providing a similar ambiance as well. These are durable and resistant to any wear and tear damage. They have better slip resistance since they have an earthy appearance.  

What to Consider While Picking Out Parking Tiles? 

Here are some of the most important factors that are to be considered while selecting the perfect parking tiles for your parking space. 

  • Avoid any glossy finish tiles 
  • Go for natural and matte finish tiles
  • Avoid installing large format tiles 
  • Check for the material’s durability and strength 

What Features to Look For in Parking Tiles?

Some of the most common features that you can look for in the ideal parking tiles. 

  • Low-maintenance 

Parking tiles should be very low-maintenance as they are going to be installed outdoors and will be enduring heavy vehicle weight. Low-maintenance parking tiles are an ideal fit as they will be easy to clean and won’t require much effort. 

  • Colour-retention 

These tiles will be in the open parking space so the designs of these tiles should not fade away with time, as that would not be an ideal situation and would degrade the whole look of your space. 

  • Weather-resistant 

Being in the open these parking tiles will have to endure extreme weather conditions, if they are not of durable material they might break or degrade with time due to these harsh environmental conditions. 

  • Water- resistant

Parking tiles are going to be exposed to rain and vehicle washing as well which will include constant water exposure for these tiles. If the tiles are not water-resistant, with time they might absorb water and become weak, which can lead to the breaking of tiles. 

  • Anti-skid Tiles

Parking tiles are required to be anti-skid as they are going to receive a high footfall along with the heavy weight of the vehicles being parked. If the tiles are not anti-skid the grip might loosen up with water exposure which can lead to any form of disaster.   

  • Anti-scratch Tiles

 These parking tiles should be anti-scratch to endure all the scratches they are going to receive with the footfall vehicles and other rough activities. 

  • Easy Installation

Easy installation is a must for the parking tiles as it makes the process quick and allows you to finish the design process in less time. 

Trends to be Followed

Moving on, based on all these features only you cannot select the perfect parking tiles, as the options available in the market are quite overwhelming and can lead to confusion. To make the process of selecting the best parking tiles, here are some of the most common followed trends that you might want to consider. 

  • Grey Cement Tiles

Adding a sophisticated and rich look to your parking space by installing grey cement parking tiles. These ceramic parking tiles come in a matte finish with anti-skid and water-resistant properties.  

Browse through the H&R Johnson parking tiles collection for more ideas and inspiration. Also, the tiles by them are highly durable and come in the best quality at affordable prices. 

  • Natural Stone Tiles

Another trend that can be followed is by adding these natural stone-like tiles. These ceramic tiles are in a matte finish, allowing your space to have an open, nature-inspired feel with a warm tone. 

Additionally, these tiles are texture which adds to the anti-skid feature of the parking tiles.   

  • Hexagonal Tiles 

Adding hexagonal tiles has been an evergreen trend throughout the time. These hexagonal tiles create a pattern on the floor making it more visually appealing. 

  • Chessboard Tiles 

This pattern has been followed for a long time now and has always been enhancing the appeal of the place where it’s being installed. Chessboard parking tiles create an illusion of having more open parking spaces available. 

  • Johnson Endura High Traffic Paver

This is one of the best parking tiles collections by H&R Johnson for you to try. These tiles are highly durable with anti-skid, water & weather resistance, and anti-scratch properties. Along with this, these tiles can endure the heavy traffic and weight of the vehicles when parked. These tiles are both textured and plain and you can choose the one that’s more appealing to you. 

  • Johnson Endura MaxGrip

These tiles as the name suggests offer the best grip and anti-skid properties, which is an ideal situation for parking tiles. H&R Johnson launched this collection of parking tiles with special features of anti-skid and water-resistance with high grip. 

Furthermore, these tiles are available in different designs, colours, sizes such as 30x30cm & 60x60cm for you to choose from. 


For the best quality parking tiles available in the H&R Johnson collection you can explore Johnson Endura High Traffic Paver and Johnson Endura MaxGrip. 

The tiles available in these collections are highly durable, and sustainable and offer anti-skid, scratch, water, & weather resistance. These are available in various designs and options to choose from. 

For more information, you can visit the experience centres established by the brand and witness the quality of these products by yourself. 

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