Exploring the Possibilities of a Kitchen Remodel

A well-planned kitchen remodel makes your go-to space more effective and efficient. It can also add a pop of style that complements your aesthetic desires.

The planning stage is also when you decide on the scope of your project. This is a big decision because it can mean the difference between a cosmetic refresh and tearing down walls to change your layout.

Add a Fireplace

Adding a fireplace to a kitchen or for a kitchen remodel transforms the space into the heart of the home. It can add a cozy atmosphere for cooking and entertaining with friends and family.

The fireplace also offers extra seating for guests. This design feature is perfect for open-concept kitchens.

Lastly, fireplaces can also be used for storage. Having more storage options in the kitchen helps reduce clutter and makes the room appear larger.

Add a Breakfast Bar

A breakfast bar is a great way to add seating and utilize counter space in your kitchen. It can be as large as an entire island, with four to six bar stools, or as simple as a shelf in a corner.

For a bold design, wrap your bar in the same material used for your kitchen island seating to create a considered look. Or, try using contrasting kitchen island paint ideas or brightly colored bar stools to add personality.

Add a Bar Seating Area

A kitchen bar adds extra dining space and can help define the flow of your open-concept kitchen. It’s also an excellent opportunity to play with color and visual contrast.

Many homeowners paint their bars a darker shade of the kitchen cabinets, but you can get creative with your colors. For example, this kitchen uses contrasting sets of green and grey chairs to add a little personality to the bar.

Add a Wine Bar

A wine bar takes entertaining to a new level. It can also become a focal point of your kitchen design.

Fifteen or 20 years ago, when wine bars first rose to prominence, they modeled themselves on their European forebears as casual settings where customers could relax and be educated about the intricacies of terroir by earnest servers.

This kitchen design in Pipersville features a stylish wine bar with a sink, refrigerator drawers, and storage for glassware. Nickel-tone upper cabinets and a mirrored backsplash reflect light to illuminate the space and add glamour.

Add a Breakfast Nook

A breakfast nook can be an excellent addition to your kitchen. It creates a cozy conversation space and is a perfect spot to prepare a quick meal.

Use popular neutral colors for a breakfast nook that fits any decor style. Linen window treatments and dining chairs can add a soft and inviting look.

Add plush seating to your nook with a slim banquette seat upholstered stain-resistant Crypton fabric. Match the bench slip cover with your drapery for a timeless look.

Add a Pantry

A pantry adds value to your kitchen and provides a central location for non-perishable food items. Pantry design ideas should prioritize both durability and aesthetics. Using durable materials and matching the color scheme to the kitchen can create visual cohesion.

Converting an existing closet or nook into a pantry is one way to do this. Adding custom shelving and cabinetry is another.

Consider adding a lazy susan or pull-out shelves to improve accessibility. Also, remember to include outlets and other electrical upgrades if necessary.

Add a Laundry Room

A laundry room isn’t a luxury item; it’s an essential. Moving your washing machine and dryer out of the kitchen will make the space more comfortable, especially if you have children.

It’s also a chance to create a more exciting space. Decorative light fixtures and backsplash tile are affordable ways to add visual interest. Ms. Curtis, a designer who worked on a laundry room project in Rye, New York, used patterned wallpaper to dress up the practical room.

Add a Dining Area

A remodeled kitchen should reflect your goals and the way you live. A good design can reduce bottlenecks that cause you to save time during cooking.

If you find a closed-off dining room cramping your kitchen, consider removing a wall to open it up and brighten the whole area. A built-in banquette can be stylish and functional, providing a comfortable place to enjoy meals. Other options include adding more storage space, rearranging cabinetry to increase floor space, and realigning doorways.

Add a Walk-In Pantry

A pantry is a great place to store items like jars, canned food, and paper products. It’s also a good spot for extra servingware.

A pantry can be a beautiful extension of your kitchen. You can experiment with color and use wallpaper to make it stand out.

If your pantry is visible to the rest of the kitchen, you should match design details for a cohesive look. If hidden, you can get more creative with less expensive materials than those used in the kitchen.