Exploring the Technology of IoT & Its Unique Impacts in Different Industries

The usage of internet-connected devices is increasing day by day. From our smartphones to GPS trackers in cars, these devices can be witnessed everywhere. Here IoT (Internet of Things) comes into play. In other words, IoT is a network of devices that are ingrained with electronics, software, connectivity, and sensors, allowing them to connect for interactions and exchanging data.

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IoT is a technology that improves efficiency and minimizes human efforts. Devices using IoT can connect for communicating or interacting over the internet while being controlled and monitored distantly. The “T” in IoT stands for “Thing” and can be anything from a heart monitor to a device, comprising multiple sensors. IoT connected devices exchange data using the internet without any human interference and are all assigned unique IP addresses.

Usage of IoT in Different Industries

  1. Automobile Industry

The automobile industry is one of the many sectors that have benefitted from IoT. The application of IoT can be seen in their different segments, including self-driven cars and car GPS. With the help of IoT, automobile companies can update software and fix real-time technical issues by deploying a data communication system. The insertion of IoT improves overall vehicle performance and minimizes the chances of accidents and other hazards.

  1. Online Casinos

Along with the flourishing technology, various online casinos are now coming up with diverse offerings. Consequently, punters are showing great interest in learning more about sports betting casino and other gambling games. IoT is connecting online players with physical casinos and providing a real-time experience.

Now, let’s take poker as an example. With the help of IoT networks, online and offline bettors can now gamble together simultaneously and receive promotions through analytics. IoT is also enabling online casinos to collect data every time a punter indulges in mobile casino games. Thus, casinos can now quickly gather enough data about the user’s preferences and behavior.

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  1. Manufacturing Industry

IoT is nothing new in manufacturing industries since the industry has been practicing it from the early days of its presence. Many manufacturing plants are utilizing smart sensors and machine learning in their processes to work more effectively.

IoT is mostly used in the manufacturing industry for optimizing the manufacturing process and maintaining & monitoring equipment. As the manufacturing industry is practicing a “smart manufacturing” pattern for enhancing productivity and efficiency in operations, the usage of IoT is increasing gradually.

  1. Healthcare

The life-saving potential of the healthcare sector has increased by a significant margin because of IoT. By enabling self-monitoring and management of health, it has immensely helped to improve a patient’s life.

Hospital staff now get timely alerts to maintain or repair medical instruments like ventilator machines, cardiac machines, MRI machines, and many other life-saving devices. But, they only need to be connected to the internet to send these notifications. This facility is utterly helpful since operational medical equipment can decide life and death.

  1. Hospitality

The traveling experience of people has gained a new definition, only because of the introduction of IoT. To improve customer experience, this industry has implemented this IoT technology to a great extent. Plus, hospitality managers are now utilizing facial recognition system to identify their customers before check-ins.

Sensor & Facial recognition cameras are another excellent example of IOT’s utilization. These cameras enable hotel employees to know if the guests are hungry or not and dishing up foods according to their preferences. This privilege provides enough time for hotels to present favorable custom meals, even before customers request them.

  1. Retail

The whole world has witnessed the retail sector’s shift from physical shopping to E-commerce shopping, which was possible only for IoT technology. Plus, as the supermarkets are also aware of this technology, they are altering their approach as well.

They are also deploying Bluetooth beacons in outlets to be more accessible to their customers. These Bluetooth beacons are providing opportunities to provide location-based services. Customers, too, can quickly obtain information about products and exclusive discounts on their mobile devices.

Concluding Thoughts

According to a report published in BLM Technologies, 94% of businesses that are practicing IOT have seen noticeable returns in investments. This report is the perfect evidence of the potential of IoT when it is employed in different sectors. Uncountable industries, including energies & utilities, transportation, finance, and agriculture, are now getting benefited by IoT, along with the areas mentioned above. It is improving the efficiency of the work process through useful data insights, and presenting new ways to market products.

Moreover, IoT is creating possibilities for remote working as well. It has placed us in front of a connected world where businesses are getting opportunities to increase their profits through optimized operations.

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