Facebook Ads: Tips For The Best Foolproof Advertising Strategy

Facebook is no doubt one of the most popular social media platforms. It seems to have been in existence forever yet its relevance, especially to marketers, has barely dwindled.

As a matter of fact, 6 out of 10 users are on Facebook, and each of these users spends at least one hour on a daily basis. What does this mean? Facebook boasts the biggest social media user-base as well as one of the largest engagements.

This has led to facebook being the most used platform by business brands that want to increase their customer reach, improve their social media presence as well as build customer relationships, all with the help of Facebook ads.

But it’s pertinent to note that facebook ads are not foolproof. Knowing the right Facebook ads strategy is a prerequisite for making optimum use of the Facebook-verse. Therefore, we’ve come up with the Facebook ads tips to aid your business advertising so read on to learn all you need to know about Facebook ads.

How to Create the Best Facebook Ads

Creating ads without a proper strategy is like trying to store water in a basket; both situations lead to waste. To avoid such a predicament, a foolproof Facebook ads strategy is needed to take your brand advertising to the next level. Without further delay, let’s get to the main business.

  1. Set an Advertising Target Audience

As earlier stated, setting up a strategy is necessary before jumping right into advertising and the first step is to define the target audience.

One good thing about Facebook ads is the feature that lets you pinpoint the right customers willing to buy your product. And only the right audience, but how do you create the right target audience. Below is a list of factors to consider:

Age: This provides a basis for you to create ads in segments based on the age bracket in question. Therefore, your brand can provide satisfying ads to each section of the Facebook user base.

Location: Business owners could target ads to their cities and neighboring communities. This enables the drawing in of customers nearby.

Interests: What are those posts that attract the most engagement from your target audience? This series of customer activities let you garner knowledge on the interests of the users, and you can use this to decide if they are the right customers to target

  1. Pick the Ads That Are Best For Your Goals

In the same way you sat down to decide the best business option from a pool of different options; you have to think about what ads from the endless options are perfect for your intentions. It’s easy to get spoilt for choice when making this decision but we’re here to help with that.

When it comes to selecting ads, there are 3 different options based on the goals related to your Facebook ads strategy: Awareness (this increases brand reach); Consideration (great for creating interactions between potential customers and your brand); and Conversions (turning these potential customers into loyal customers).

Your facebook ad could center on one of these types or consist of a combination of options, just as long as they pass the right message.

  1. Come Up With the Best Facebook Ad Idea

Okay here’s where you need to work that big, creative brain of yours.

There’s a 100% chance that you already know what to use as the ad creative. Already got some photos on deck, ready to sail the web? Before you take off, here are some tips to use for getting the right clicks:

Be entertaining. Nobody wants to see something boring when they scroll through Facebook.

Always go for videos. This is the trend for showing off your products as well as raising awareness. You don’t want to be left behind.

Compel users with a call-to-action.

Keep it short and simple. You don’t want to upset your potential customers with long, time-wasting posts.

  1. Use the Right Content

This refers to the SEO side of things. Relax; you don’t need to be the most creative to create beautiful content. All you need is to keep your content writing precise, maintain a sense of clarity, be engaging, and have the right delivery to arrive at desirable results.

What your customers are going to benefit, Why they should engage with your brand, etc., should form the basis of your content writing. As long as you avoid being overly salesy, customers should be drawn in by your content.

  1. Organize Online Contests and Giveaways

If you want a high amount of clicks on your Facebook ads, you should offer your potential customers a high-value incentive. One surefire engagement magnet is the setting up of contests and running of giveaway campaigns.

These Facebook ads tips are great for boosting the effectiveness of your ads because they are very engaging and increasingly rewarding to the customers.

Instead of focusing overly on sales, go for bigger, long-term benefits like brand awareness, customer reach, and improved customer relationships.

Before We Leave…

There is one other thing to note of and that’s the different types of Facebook ads; Sponsored Posts and Right-Hand Column Ads. The sponsored posts will appear directly on the user’s feed as they scroll, they also appear as frequently as posts from families and friends.

However, just as the name suggests, right-hand column ads appear on the right-hand column of the news feed. Unlike sponsored posts, this type of ad can’t be scrolled past and are used for retargeting previous customers.

Facebook is the best platform when it comes to targeting specific customers. If your brand is all about selling bike parts, you’re bound to find customers interested in replacing worn our bike parts; if it’s the sale of kitchen tools you’re into then the same applies.

When you factor in the specificity of Facebook ads, the customer reach, and the high amount of customer engagements that can be generated; coming up with the perfect Facebook ads strategy is a game-changer for you and your brand.

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