Factors to Consider Before Buying Samsung Galaxy Phones in Singapore

Some people may not know that Samsung manufactures a lot of different types of products. One of their most important product segments is smartphones. Since they manufacture many different models, one can get confused when deciding which model to buy.

Here are seven questions you should ask yourself before buying a Samsung phone in Singapore:

  1. What kind of features am I looking for?

In general, if you do more things on your phone, such as playing music and watching videos, it is better to use advanced smartphones with high-speed processors and large screens. If you do more typing or use your device for productivity purposes, it’s best to go with a larger keyboard for an easier typing experience. Also, look into how big your screen can be with extended battery life since extended batteries have larger dimensions.

  1. How much do I want to spend?

Samsung comes in different price ranges, so make sure you know how much you are willing to pay for your phone before buying anything. You can also visit https://www.m1.com.sg/mobile/brands/samsung/samsung-phones to see if there are any promotions or deals that Samsung is currently running. Some stores even give out free gifts with every purchase of a new device, which could save you more money in the long term. Look into this information before spending money on your new phone, then find the best one that fits your budget and needs at all times.

  1. Which model should I get?

Since it is difficult to buy an old Samsung model unlocked, it’s good to look into what current models are available when evaluating which phone to purchase. Take a look at your options, then analyze which one is best for you by looking into

Samsung Galaxy: the most popular Samsung models available right now are the S8 and S8 Plus. The A5 2016 might be another option if you don’t mind an older phone model. However, it may not have as many features as other models.

Samsung Note Series: This series specializes in devices with large displays, powerful cameras, multitasking capabilities, and stylus compatibility. The current flagship models are the Samsung Note 8 and Samsung Note 5.

Samsung Notes: If you do not care for stylus compatibility or a large display screen but want something that is more powerful than your standard device, you can look into the Samsung Note 10.1, which has similar features to the other devices in its series. This tablet lets you draw and write with an included stylus while still having good battery life and screen resolution. The main advantage of this model is affordability compared to many other previous models, such as the 2015 Galaxy series and 2016 A series phones.

  1. Should I get something unlocked?

You might consider buying something unlocked if you plan on using your phone outside of Singapore or plan on trying out different carriers (assuming they are compatible with your phone model). Keep in mind that you can still get a new phone from any carrier, but it may be easier to get the compatibility you require if you intend on using your device outside of Singapore.

  1. What about warranties?

When buying new electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets, many people want to know if there is some kind of warranty protection they can rely on in case something goes wrong later on down the line. Samsung has different warranty policies depending on whether you purchase the device from them directly or if you buy it from a third-party seller. If you are buying the device directly, then they have an official manufacturer’s warranty that protects all new devices against material defects in materials and workmanship for 12 months. If you are buying your phone from a 3rd party retailer, however, there is no official manufacturer’s warranty involved, so it is up to you to research the return policy before handing over your money.


Samsung Galaxy phones are very popular in Singapore, and the company is constantly coming up with new models to meet consumer demands. Keep these tips in mind when looking for your next phone to make sure you get one that fits all your needs while staying within your budget range.

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