9 Fascinating facts about publicists you probably didn’t know

Publicists are masters of image. Large corporations, non-profits, celebrities, public figures, and more all turn to publicists when their brand needs an overhaul or they are looking for some extra media coverage.

Facts about publicists

Individuals in this industry have the power to manage overall communications strategy and improve the credibility of any entity to increase positive public image. But do you know the full scope of what publicists–otherwise known as PR professionals or PR firms–can really do for your business? Read on for some fascinating facts about the life of a publicist so you have a better understanding when it’s time to make a hire.

1. Publicists help businesses grow at every stage

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There is a common misconception that PR is unnecessary for established businesses, but that’s not true. Every business needs the help of publicists to maintain a steady drumbeat of positive coverage and share new and evolving messages with its audience. If your company is well-established, publicists can assist you in developing brand trust, expanding your audience to include new demographics, and maintaining a high level of credibility despite competitor advances.

2. Publicists are multi-skilled professionals

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To survive and grow in the PR industry, publicists must continuously learn and master new skills on a regular basis. That means PR professionals can help fill in knowledge gaps at your company so you can focus on larger organizational goals. For example, every PR professional is adept at managing social media channels, building relationships with the media, and planning events. Many also boast specialized skills like making engaging TikTok videos or managing crises. Find a pro publicist that has skills that are lacking on your internal team to help round out your marketing strategy.

3. Publicists do more than just advertise

Publicists are often misunderstood as advertisers because they promote businesses on various media platforms. However, publicists do much more than that. Many successful PR strategies hinge on both paid and organic placements, which means publicists spend significant time building connections with media personnel and nurturing stories that reflect their clients’ values and strongest initiatives. Paid advertising is a great way to get the word out about a campaign, but to build long-term loyalty, organic coverage is key.

4. Publicists create strong media relationships

Oftentimes, a publicist’s success can hinge on the strength of their relationships with the media. Building relationships with the media is a challenging job, and it takes a lot of time and effort–but the payoff is worth it. A brand highlighted by top-tier media journalists in a natural way proves to consumers that the brand can be trusted.

5. Publicists provide the most cost-efficient way to grow

Publicists can add significant value to your company without requiring large advertising budgets. Of course, publicists do use paid media at times. But as they leverage their relationships to promote your business on popular media channels, they are able to more effectively spread the word about your mission, as the coverage being produced feels more authentic than a paid ad. Media pitching can also be carefully tailored to target audiences in a way that larger advertising placements, like billboards and digital screens, cannot match.

6. Publicists do more than just media placements

Publicists’ work is not limited to press releases and pitches; they also have to ensure that the message is conveyed properly to the target audience. This requires key message planning, social listening, SEO strategy, and the occasional crisis management when a message is not met with positivity. Additionally, they analyze the target market and design customized campaigns to attract specific customer bases.

7. Publicists are incredibly persuasive

In order to present a company or brand in a way that does not look like a paid promotion, publicists must master the art of persuasion. Influencing is an art (there’s a reason the influencer industry is worth so much money!), and publicists are adept at crafting messages that appeal to specific target audiences’ desires, whether that’s a particular media personality or an entire customer demographic.

8. Publicists don’t have a 9 to 5 job only

PR can be a challenging job. Not every newsworthy event or crisis happens during working hours, and that means publicists must be ready for anything, from late-night strategy sessions to weekend events and interviews. When you hire a publicist, you’re also hiring a support person that’s on round-the-clock for your business.

9. True publicists can handle crisis management

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In this digital age, a single negative post on social media can impact the image of even a well-established brand, giving competitors a chance to chip away at your market share. That’s why the timely implementation of an effective crisis management strategy can save a brand’s reputation before it’s too late.

Experienced publicists have seen it all and know the best way to react in these situations. Responding early to help control the narrative and presenting credible facts and figures to counter customers’ false claims or complaints are both tried-and-true methods of responding to crises, but great publicists will be able to finesse your strategy to fit the specifics of the situation.

Hiring a publicist will benefit your brand

The nine points above are just a sneak peek into what happens in the PR industry and how having a trusted publicist on your side can benefit your brand at any stage of development. PR is about so much more than press releases; in a world filled with tough competition, good PR allows your brand to stand out from the crowd. It helps you build your customer base and also increases your profit margins. If you’d like more info about how you can use PR to grow your business, you can schedule a discovery call and get answers to all your questions today.

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