Fast payouts at Jack’s online casino

Players using Jack’s Casino & Sports can now receive their winnings almost instantaneously! In most cases, the amount will show up in your account within minutes. The company uses TrueLayer technology for this amazing service.

Jack’s Casino & Sports has been offering Instant Payouts since November 16, just before the start of the 2022 World Cup. As a rule, cash-outs are credited to the applicant’s bank account within five minutes after being requested.

The great thing about Jack’s automatic payouts is that they’re handled quickly – which is the majority of cases. The only exception being when a manual check has to be performed. For example, this may occur if the amount is very large or because other conditions must be met first. If that’s the case, then you can expect the funds in your account within 24 hours–even on weekends!

In an interview, Petra van der Boom, the Head of Operations at Jack’s Online Casino & Sports shares why they decided to introduce fast payouts:

“We decided on this because it’s amazing for the player that the winnings go straight into their account! This makes playing more fun and confident. Before we made this change, players would get their payout an average of 3 hours after winning, but sometimes it took longer on weekends due to bank delays.”

Petra van der Boom, Head of Operations for Jack’s Casino & Sports

Jack’s utilizes TrueLayer for fast payouts. That British company has been prominent in the open banking world since 2017. Not only does TrueLayer enable quick payouts, but the company also offers services that streamline the registration process and check customers’ affordability regarding deposits.

Jack’s not the only one with fast payouts

With the integration of TrueLayer’s technique, Jack’s follows BetCity, among others. Kansino, bet365, and Unibet also profile themselves as online casinos with fast payouts. As a result, direct and fast payouts are increasingly becoming the standard within the Dutch gambling world.

On average, it takes one to four days to withdraw money from an online casino. If you receive your payment within 24 hours, the online casino is said to have a fast payout.

An increasing number of legal online casinos are processing cashouts immediately, which means that instead of waiting for hours or days, you will only have to wait for a matter of minutes.

About Jacks Casino & JVH Gaming

Jack’s Casino falls under the JVH Gaming & Entertainment Group from Den Bosch. This includes Flash Casinos, Flamingo Casinos, and others that are run by the company. In total, there are more than 84 casinos affiliated with JVH- 30 of which are Jack’s Casino.

Jack’s Casino is the #1 choice for casinos in the Netherlands, holding 32% of the market share.  Each year, over 3.5 million people visit JVH locations and the company employs over 1,000 people.

Although Jack’s Casino does not have traditional table games like roulette, there is still a wide variety of options for slot and video game lovers. If you’re looking to play something that feels more traditionally Table-game-like, we have a selection of those too–just in video form! You can play these digital table games on one of their specially equipped machines where the gaming table will be displayed for you on the screen.

At Jack’s Casino, slot machine enthusiasts can still enjoy themselves. Because they are allowed to offer slots, Jack’s Casino clearly emphasizes this in their range of games. You will find many classic slots, but also more modern games with many extra features. There are even bingo machines available , on which you can bet from 5 euro cents.

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