List of Top 5 Fastest-Growing Jobs in 2021 in the US

Like camera and film manufacturers, some industries are experiencing a rapid decline if not a total shut down. At the same time, other sectors are coming up or experiencing an exponential rate of growth. For some of the industries, technology is to blame either for their development or their decline. However, some industries are blooming all on their own. The list below contains some of the fastest-growing sectors in the US.

Cannabis industry jobs and careers

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Between 2018 and 2019, the legalized cannabis industry grew at 32% from 10.3 billion dollars to 13.6 billion dollars. It is expected to reach 30 billion dollars by 2023. The progressive legalization of marijuana in the USA has contributed to the growth of several related fields, such as education and entrepreneurship. People are looking for jobs both in general job boards and niche job boards like marijuana jobs cannabis careers. If consumer attitudes continue to improve, more and more states will legalize its use and sale, potentially leading to an industry explosion.

3D printing and prototyping

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The future of 3D printing is bright. The price reduction of 3D printers. 3D printed parts are positively impacting fields such as healthcare, aerospace, and defense and automotive. They can be produced at a much faster rate than standard parts and a much lower price.

For example, the aerospace industry can print some lighter parts in weight and require fewer components such as ducts and air vents in a much shorter time than it would take to manufacture the same parts traditionally. This growth, however, may negatively impact part of the manufacturing industry.


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People are having an increasing healthier attitude towards counseling, which will positively impact this industry. Some industry private practice professionals may see more growth than others, but the industry’s overall future is bright. Some of the most in-demand counselors in the future will be those in mental health, marriage and family therapy, and school and career counseling.

Market research analysts and marketing specialists

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This industry has experienced an overhaul in how it does things, mainly due to technological advancements. They have had to adapt to marketing the increasing numbers of online businesses. The growth of the e-commerce industry, coupled with a decreasing attention span of the general population, means that marketing research analysts and marketing specialists have a lot of work on their hands.

Diagnostic medical sonographers

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Medical technology is evolving very fast. This means that more sonographers will need to be employed to use them to perform diagnostic tests. Their work will help doctors make more accurate treatment decisions, which is excellent for society’s health and well-being.

Understanding which industries will grow in the future and which ones will decline will help people decide which careers are for them. It will also help people avoid the wrong professions. It would be wise for any person heading into the workforce to pay close attention to such trends.

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