FBS-Prime Review: Ultimate Online Trading Solution for Anyone

FBS-Prime offers a wide array of tools. Customers can access more than 200 financial instruments and trade stocks, commodities, currencies, and indices.

Within the last 30 years, the financial industry has become the fundament of global economics. Trading futures and stocks assist organizations in creating additional sources of revenue for innovation and expansion. The development of the Internet allows anyone who has a computer to engage in trading without any limitations. However, it’s worth remembering that online trading is inevitably interconnected with certain risks, including scams, private data exposure, and fraud. How to avoid all of them? Well, first of all, you’d need to choose a reliable trading platform. Fortunately, we can suggest one – FBS-Prime. This article will provide a detailed FBS-Prime review.

Why Choose FBS-Prime?

FBS Prime is the ultimate solution for anyone willing to engage in online trading. There’s no need to possess any experience in the financial industry to join. FBS-Prime offers guidance and training to all customers, and they can receive an overview of the platform fast and conveniently. There’s a whole team of employees dedicated to training newcomers; so, you’ll surely find assistance when needed.

As the leading trading platform, FBS-Prime offers a wide array of tools. Customers can access more than 200 financial instruments and trade stocks, commodities, currencies, and indices. All prices are updated based on live feeds from global stock exchanges. So, FBS-Prime’s clients are provided with the most accurate information. The platform offers a comprehensive solution for managing your portfolio, purchasing or selling assets, and receiving professional training.

It would be impossible to receive profits from trading without a proper market overview. FBS-Prime knows about this necessity, so, it has designed a convenient Stock Screener tool. It was created to assist both newcomers and experienced traders in reaching their goals. Stock Screener allows you to filter out stocks and companies in the most convenient way and obtain the needed data about any particular organization. There’s also a possibility to arrange companies by market capitalization, and growth rates, or receive the highest/lowest market values of stock for a given period.

Technology and Security

FBS-Prime prioritizes the safety and security of its clients’ funds. It has a strong regulatory framework in place, which enhances its credibility and provides reassurance to traders. The platform is regulated by reputable financial authorities, such as the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in Australia. This regulatory body ensures that FBS Prime adheres to strict standards, including segregation of client funds and implementation of robust `security measures, such as encryption protocols and two-factor authentication.

When it comes to online trading, security is the ultimate consideration. Since you’ll be providing the platform with a set of personal information, it must do everything it can to protect the customers’ data. FBS-Prime recognizes the importance of proper security measures. So, it has implemented a comprehensive set of policies. You can see proof of the site’s reliability right in your browser. In the URL typebar, there is a lock symbol, which suggests that the connection is protected by 128-bit SSL encryption.

Types of Accounts Offered by FBS-Prime

All FBS-Prime reviews mention a wide range of account types that were designed to suit every customer’s needs:

Starter. This account would perfectly suit the needs of newcomers. It doesn’t involve any deposit fees or up-front commissions, allowing you to explore the market without limitations. You’ll also be provided with a personal account manager and a bonus policy.

Advanced. This type is for more experienced traders who have already attained some knowledge of the market. The advanced account includes all features of the Starter pack while adding access to education tools, regular market update emails, and a 25% discount on swaps.

Expert. Expert account owners are provided with assistance from a senior account manager and receive live updates on the most important news. This account also allows hedging and including a fixed spread option, alongside advanced training from an experienced consultant.

What Else You Should Remember about FBS-Prime

You can leave all your worries aside. FBS-Prime.com is a legitime company. The company is a trustworthy online trading platform, and it possesses all the necessary certificates.

And you can join the platform absolutely for free. There are no deposit fees charged for setting up an account.

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