Features of Dynamics 365 that help businesses!

Thinking ERP and CRM for your organization? Well, dynamics 365 is all you need.

Microsoft dynamics 365 logo for article - 39299119Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the most advanced product that has been introduced by Microsoft in the Dynamics ERP series. The aim is to integrate Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) into the CRM (Dynamics of Customer Relationship Management) component and to obtain cloud offerings. This new collaboration will use Microsoft Azure as a cloud platform. Microsoft is focusing on Dynamics 365 to create standard and logical settings that generally function as common platforms for collaborative applications.

One of the main objectives of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is to provide flexibility to support all different types of users while providing the most user-friendly experience. To achieve this, Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes the following features:

Easy Navigation

The MS Dynamics 365 home screen acts as a dashboard for your company. The company’s key performance indicators are presented in a summary format. In addition, navigating the most common functions (orders, invoices, and offers) is efficient and fast. In addition to simple transitions between different areas, there are sidebars that can be folded. One of the most convenient and convenient functions is the action panel. Here you can save your favorite actions, reports and tools that are included in Dynamics 365.


Anyone who has used a computer is undoubtedly familiar with Outlook, the trial version, and the actual Microsoft email provider. What makes Outlook a one-door program so powerful and independent is the integration of Office 365 in Dynamics 365. You can make offers, create invoices for customers, view orders (and change them). ) if necessary). You can also access all of your Outlook client accounts. This is very important for small companies.


With this MS Dynamics 365 feature, you can create a single thread stream that sends notifications to your entire team when an item is updated or changed. You can also formulate deeper multi-level flow. The clear advantage of this is that the process is automated once it is created, which leads to greater team efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines Dynamics ERP and CRM components very well into an elegant and user-friendly product. Logical and simple navigation on the start page (where everything is located centrally), new and improved Outlook and automation functions introduced with Microsoft Flow are unique new functions that can be separated by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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