Features of an Attention-grabbing ECommerce Web Design

More businesses worldwide are joining the eCommerce bandwagon due to the rich benefits it offers. The ongoing pandemic has also accelerated the shift of the shopping paradigm to online from offline. Therefore, if you’re not leveraging eCommerce stores and online sales, you’re missing out on something important.

Realizing that you need an eCommerce store is not challenging. How to make use of eCommerce web design is a bigger feat. In this article, you’ll learn about some must-have features in an eCommerce store, that are designed to grab eyeballs and increase sales.

Navbar with Categories

When you begin building an eCommerce store, you’re going to list all of your products. The bigger your catalogue, the more number of items you’re going to have. You cannot have all your items in one place. You’d have to categorize them appropriately.

To make it easier for the shopper to find the item he/she is looking for, you must have a navbar at the top showcasing the categories. So if you are selling pizzas online, you can list veg and non-veg pizzas. But it is also important to not overwhelm your visitors with too many categories. Listing the important ones is enough.

When designing navbars, you must make them large, striking, and legible. Often, designers make them so small that visitors almost ignore them. Therefore, they do not get to the page they are looking for.


Another must-have feature in your eCommerce website is the breadcrumb. It enhances the navigation on your website. It is placed at the top, just below the navbar of a website and it shows the visitor exactly where he or she is inside the website.

If the visitor is on a specific product page, the breadcrumb will read: Home>Main Category>Category1>Product. By looking at it, the visitor will know how far he or she is from the main page and the other options. Because of this, the breadcrumb is also called a secondary navigation scheme.

When designing breadcrumbs, it is essential to focus on proper linking more than styling, but you must not ignore the latter altogether.

Carousel with Zoom Capability

In an online medium, the only option people have in prospecting products is through images. You can have videos too, but images are the primary option. Image Carousel is the best way to showcase product images to site visitors.

A carousel is a collection of rotating banners that contain images. You can load images into it and display them on either the homepage or product page. A user can sort through the images and view the products in greater detail. Along with the carousel, you should also ensure zoom capability.

Social Media Integration and Reviews

Another trust-building and attention-grabbing feature is that of reviews. People usually like to read what other people have to say about a product. Therefore, eCommerce web design companies include a section separately for reviews. Today’s internet capabilities allow you to grab reviews from social media websites and display them on your website. These reviews act as social proof which increases buyers’ confidence, especially if they are first-timers.

Credentials and Certifications

Online shoppers expect to ensure that they are shopping from a reliable website because there is a lot of shadiness in the online medium. From low-level scammers to high-profile hackers, the internet is not entirely a safe place.

Therefore, to stand out, grab immediate attention, and gain visitors’ trust, you must have a section that displays all of your credentials. Are you ISO-certified? You can include the badge if you are. Are you a recipient of an industry-leading award? It would be great to display it with pride.

You also need to purchase additional security badges like SSL, SiteLock, Anti-virus, Google-trusted, etc. The more credentials you have, the better impression your eCommerce website is going to make.

Coupons and Discount Banners

Only a few things are as irresistible as coupons and discounts. So if you’re running a sale or want to sell off stock items, you must have a discount banner placed somewhere on your website. This should lead the visitors directly to the products that are on sale. You can remove them when the sale ends, but never forget to use them when the sale is on.

Live Chat Option

Finally, there are multiple instances where things can go wrong once a visitor lands on your website. Or they might not find the information they’re looking for. This is one of the main reasons people leave your website immediately after they enter it, and it is called bouncing. To reduce the bounce rate, you can offer a live chat service. Place the live chat button ideally on the bottom of the website.

A good eCommerce web design is important for customers and search engines alike. If you help visitors navigate your eCommerce site better, they will rank you higher.

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